Is it possible to resign as a standalone game? --Top five lessons from the pay list

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Someone just asked me a similar question, just write a little bit, it is to do some of the lessons of their own Morgul game summary, as well as a record of all the way to the mental journey.

Is it possible to resign as a standalone game?
This is difficult to answer, because it is a difficult task to define success itself.
Say my own experience, a year ago just out of their own to do the game, several games are halfway, until the last game finally finished and on-line, that moment for me is successful: "Finally, the whole world can see their own independent works!" Dozens of people downloaded it on the first day, great! ”。 The next few days staring at the mobile phone every day to see the download data, every day to watch the download in the constant rise, a lot of days every day, even if the night has been in the excitement, that feeling really is not a job can experience.
Then wait until 2, 3 weeks after my game peaked, in the Apple paid the total list of 5th, when the income of 4, 5,000 dollars a day, when the success of the joy is hard to say, so that when the wife to go to the movies are thinking: the time to see the movie is much bigger than the movie fares, You can have a big meal. Well, it's really naïve to think about it right now, but that feeling is really a rare memory.
After the peak began to fall, so the mood began to change slowly:
"Gee, how to rank and drop, now one months of water only 3w dollars, so even if it lasts a year can not afford a house ah"
"Bad, so many names, people have to turn several pages to see my game."
So to the end: "Every day only 2, 300, are not as much as the wage, alas ... ”

Wait till now look back, success? What is the purpose of the original, is not to do what you want to do.
Now, work freely, do what you love, keep yourself and your family alive, and be happy to watch your favorite players play in your own game every day;
This... It's a success.

To think about it, whether the success of the feeling is actually very much depends on whether the comparison, whether it is with others or with themselves, too obsessed with the comparison will always let oneself consistent anxiety has been pressure Alexander. In fact, put a level of mind, think about what you want to be, hard but not utilitarian, so life may be better ...

With so many hands, here are some of the lessons you've experienced:
1. Do independent games, finish is the most important, do not do a time always think of another, even if good ideas good idea more, do not finish is useless.
2. The individual does the game compared with the company, the big team, can only do their own good, the procedure is strong as far as possible the game system to do the rich good play, the fine art material can buy the outsourcing outsourcing, does not compare with others the art effect. If the art of strong ideas novel, try to make the game as a small and exquisite artwork.
3. AppStore Update frequency issue: Because each update will be emptied of the comments, for the paid game is very impact on the download, so if not a major bug as little as possible to update the small version, especially in the pay list of the rankings, this I have suffered, the first update within 1 hours ranked down dozens of.
4. Exemption: As an independent author if there is no other publicity channels, or to be cautious to do the limit, after all, the leaderboard is the most important channel. This I also suffer, limit free a pay list on the ranking immediately disappear, and so limit to come back a few days stability after the rankings have dropped a lot.
5. Newer than the first release need to consider more, because there are already so many players accustomed to the old version. My game the first version of the time some friends reflect mobile inconvenient, so the second version of the time to change a feeling slightly better move, the result is already accustomed to the old version of a large number of players strongly rebound abandoned pits, until later version of several
Mobile operation mode are integrated, for the player to choose to be better, said more is tears ah alas.
6. Do a good job of cheating, not much to say the blood and tears lessons AH.
7. Well-interest-related, put down your own game:
Morgul-The Endless Dungeon:

Is it possible to resign as a standalone game? --Top five lessons from the pay list

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