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Some people have the habit of sleeping naked, while others think that it is not civilized to sleep naked. So is it advisable to sleep naked?

The benefits of nude sleeping:

One, the naked sleep has the unrestrained free pleasure, is advantageous in enhances the skin gland and the sweat gland secretion, is advantageous to the skin excretion and the regeneration. In favor of God
The adjustment is advantageous to enhance the adaptability and immunity ability.

Second, naked sleep on the treatment of tension disease is very high, especially the abdominal visceral nervous system of tension is easy to eliminate, but also to promote
Into the blood circulation, so that chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, as well as low back pain, headaches and other diseases to get a greater degree of improvement. At the same time, sleeping naked to people with insomnia
will also have a certain soothing effect.

Third, bare sleep not only make people accidentally feel warm and comfortable, even gynecological common low back pain and physiological menstrual pain has been reduced, the past because of hands and feet ice
A woman who is cold and unable to fall asleep will soon be able to fall asleep after taking a nude sleeping style.

Four, experts clearly pointed out: wearing tight underwear to sleep is detrimental to health. So, as a healthy lifestyle, you might as well try nude sleep.

Human skin has many functions, such as absorption, immunity and gas exchange. Experts believe that wearing underwear, affecting the skin for gas delivery
To change, is not conducive to metabolism, the skeptical people tried to find that her original shoulder ache unexpectedly disappeared, and sleep very
Incense According to some experienced people said: Take off underwear is very comfortable to sleep, for some common diseases, such as vaginitis, hemorrhoids, beriberi or snoring
And so on are good.

But naked sleep should also pay attention to two points:

First, should not be in the collective or children with the bed when the naked sleep;

The second is to go to bed before the vulva and anus should be cleaned, and frequently bathe.

Always want to have a healthy and beautiful city of modern women, before going to bed may be thoroughly naked underwear, experience the "Sleeping Beauty" detached feelings.

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