Is that what happens in college?

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One, the lack of spirit, the game is rife, students busy with gold, teachers busy project-do you know such a university?

When I walked from the quaint and elegant building, and then deep into my learning environment and other places in the school, I found this place is different from the tranquil university campus I read in the book, where the all kinds are in chaos, the size of the car into and out, everywhere a variety of commercial posters or ads, The lady walking the dog on the lawn is leisurely. The kind of langlangde that can be heard in primary and secondary schools is very few in the university, how could college be inferior to elementary school? Don't these college students read? I was confused.

After the formal start of the class, I learned a lot of college students how to class: In the morning after the bell rang a lot of people wearing slippers to eat early leisurely into the classroom, after eating breakfast to see the teacher above, speak boring, and then climbed up a sleep. Some students simply can not afford to sleep, the university has a word is so circulating: "Woke up to see the table 10 points, continue to sleep until 11:30, up even breakfast, lunch together." ”

After 11 o'clock in the evening, should be the dead of night, when the rest of the time, if you walk into the University of the boys bedroom, you can definitely see their nightlife is "just beginning", playing games, playing Mahjong or martial arts novels, not lively. Rare together to study and discuss the scene of life wisdom, on the contrary can see a lot of college students go to internet cafes, or in the bedroom online playing games, their daily communication content is the game, so many students are forced to, and the same bedroom buddies "mingle" and "learn" play games. The game has become the main "learning content" of the boys in the university, and many people have studied diligently for four years.

When I first in the high level of my seniors bedroom building to see the messy dorm, emitting a smell, a head will see a fluffy head and blurred eyes, my soul was shocked! My heart really can't believe, this is Wuhan university student? Empty eyes reveal the ignorance of the soul and the emptiness of the heart, in the days of the game to send their own youth years! Is this a college student? These people are "for the rise of China" and study hard a new generation? There is a strong voice in my heart that tells me: I definitely don't want to be this way!

One of my classmates, from freshman to junior year, three years, in addition to examinations and classrooms meet, other time all in the bedroom playing games or watching martial arts, anyway, no one in the university tube. Later because Hung branch too many to be discouraged by the college, parents come to plead delay time, but not help, the game does not miss, until the big Three o'clock can not graduate. Another classmate, also because dozen games hang branch too many be discouraged, mother came to college kneeling in front of the college Leaders said: "I eat the leaves in the home for him to read, please give him a chance!" "I was shocked when I heard the college leaders say something like that. Parents eat lettuce for children to play games in the city, goof off? Still asking for "opportunity"? Give him a chance to keep playing?

All say poor parents, I think of my hard working parents, I think of the millions of children sent to the University of the world's parents, they all think their children in the university "study hard", hard to make money, selfless support children "school", let them relieve "worries", do not worry about life problems. But now the university campus, how many people are in the game life. In the words of one of my classmates in Xidian University: "If his mother came to stay in college for one weeks, he would be sure to drop him out of school." Because "college" in China is probably the most relaxing and enjoyable time of my life. Everyone can play, watch TV, skip class, martial arts, this is a lot of college boys all life.

Where are the girls? Watching Korean dramas, many female students of the main learning content is to watch Korean dramas and other series, emotional drama, one after another. Can you imagine this is "my college"? Unfortunately, it's all true, and it's happening in a prestigious university like Wuhan University. These people were admitted to the university is the pride of the family, many students envy the object of the eyes, but why they in the youth of the prime age, the behavior is so puzzling? It was unknown to me at that time. Of course, not all students are so lazy, the university still have a lot of people still more diligent study, but they are also confused: let them work hard to learn the main reason is "fear" and pressure: afraid to find a good job, afraid to test not to graduate.

Everyone has heard that employment is very difficult, Wuhan University every year to find a job graduates are many, so dare not "indulge" themselves. But few students study hard because they pursue wisdom, pursue truth, and learn attitude. Although these hard-working students do not have "game life", but live in a heavy depressive state of mind, thinking is often sluggish, slowly embarked on a university students laughed at the "more learning more silly" "Silly Doctor" road. In fact, the college students who commit suicide every year are not "bad students" who do not work hard, but are "good students" who are seriously depressed and study hard. Like them, from the beginning of the university encountered a lot of unresolved confusion, while being instilled in some so-called "right direction of development", they just willing to obey these "authoritative conclusions", with self-repression rather than the call of the heart to "learn", this is really better than "play the Game" "video"? What is the purpose of university study? Why college students have lost their ideals.

The scripted teacher will not see a few times a semester.

First of all, professional learning is confusing: a lot of teachers are scripted, the university is really concerned about teaching, care for students, there are fewer teachers in the class level, do not know what the teachers are busy.

The teacher's job should be preaching to the road, but some teachers a semester students can not see a few times, send his graduate students to class. Then I realized that they were all busy with their projects and subjects. Freshman time, we have a communication engineering major in the band physics, the student evaluation is this: "Also Bo guide it, all Bo became what?" He is so confused that he often does not come to class. ”。 University selection of textbooks puzzling, obviously have a very good national general teaching materials, such as advanced mathematics, Tongji Five edition, but it is necessary to choose their own school textbooks, difficult obscure, even the choice of exercises are the number of years of postgraduate exams, may be the teaching materials teachers want to let us take the postgraduate examination prepared it?

Later only to know the school to choose this "self-made textbooks" reason, is the teachers because to "evaluation title." Need "scientific research", on the patchwork of a number of "textbook" to "complete the task", this put to the bookstore there is no one will want the rubbish textbooks, they use their right to teach students to use for classes. It is said that teachers are also very poor, every year to complete the so-called "scientific research", to write papers, books to complete the task, otherwise it may be demoted. Some teachers have no way to spend their own money in the outside to find publications published articles, this can not be paid out of textbooks, so that students pay the things are easy to understand.

College student career, in addition to the requirements of students in the professional study, there is little to enlighten the voice of the mind, more importantly, the lack of guidance for the development and positioning of college students curriculum, can let the students understand why they learn, why live curriculum. My own study of the major is electronic information science, and many classmates, I am in the compulsory public elective courses such as advanced mathematics, such as serious study, but I in the daily professional learning outside the heart is very hesitant, I do not know this professional suitable for themselves, do not know what this major means?

Do not know this professional social development direction and mainstream is what? Also do not understand the purpose of this professional training is what kind of talent requirements? I don't know how to study in college, but I don't know the way ahead. How can I achieve my ideal step by step? I've met a lot of college students as well. They have little knowledge of their chosen profession. In fact, I think the teachers do not know what these majors are going to do, and then know the management staff in the university, to see what the name of the profession is easy to attract students, change a name. See what professional hot find work, quickly "horse" a professional, pieced together some "course" out to fool people on the finished.

Many students just for the convenience of employment and "choose a professional", but when they really want to locate their own time, it is instead into a "professional thinking" and can't extricate themselves. Most people just read a hot professional for a job, but forget to pay attention to their interests, hobbies, and even the development of comprehensive ability and ideal thinking.

"University reconstruction" let me begin to understand the origin of the university, the significance of existence, that is, the university should be a social conscience and ideological start-up, the university should be a society for the people with Justice, courage and wisdom of the students, after they embark on the society can be able to gradually improve the bad things in this society, promote social development, and constantly committed to the transformation of human material society, as well as science, art and literature and other spiritual civilization exploration and promotion.

I heard some excitement inside the voice, also seems to catch some things, but my heart is still wandering, direction is not clear, the ideal seems more distant, and do not know how to start. At the same time, why is our university like this? Why do so many students lack mental thinking and no teacher guidance? In addition to some lectures on the occasional can hear some excited inner voice, why the university teachers finish class is like a work, boring, no content, finish to leave? Why do college teachers never discuss life wisdom with students? Why are so many of our college students blind to this? I am not clear about these problems, and I am also engaged in the student cadre work on the road, encountered more confusion.

Second, read "university", I found that "scholarship" in the university is also a dead end of the road.

Can I really concentrate on being a scholar? Like Lin? In my constant reading and thinking, I know more and more about the university, and I am beginning to understand why this once quiet and full of the pursuit of wisdom of the ivory tower more and more strange. The impetuous atmosphere of profit in business is filled with the whole campus, academic and commercial linkage and the deformity of Teacher's title evaluation, making the university campus more and more teachers do not attach importance to teaching and busy their projects, busy publishing papers. Because of the paper, with the project, will have the title and money, will have a house, car and all kinds of reputation, such a teacher there time to preach industry to give the road to doubt it?

But now the university campus, basically is such a teacher. Because the "ideal" teacher is doomed to be "eliminated" by reality.


Teachers don't care about learning and study. In such a university, there is a lack of teachers who really preach. Because the teacher in the university is actually "vulnerable group", they are a group of education officials who do not understand education "management", under the pressure of survival, for the title, in order to promotions, for rice bowls and so on, have to the deformity of the assessment mechanism to yield. Teachers who can think independently and have independent personalities may not be able to see the educational bureaucracy at all.

I a small epigenetic, really can in the "learning" on the road to achieve the ideal? Many doctoral tutors will send their own graduate students instead of their own undergraduate classes, their busy projects, when the boss, chasing money and power status, which is "officialdom" and "shopping malls" and what is the difference? The real difference is that it is more hypocritical here, affixed with a "education" of the skin, so more harmful.

No one cares about the students when the headmaster takes the teacher as a worker.

The leadership of the university does not care about learning. They don't care about teachers, they just think of teachers as wage earners. They also do not care about the students, ignoring the students ' wishes and demands. Many students of the "university leadership" in front of students, a "official" appearance. They also do not care whether their graduates are unpopular with society, and do not care whether the design of disciplines is in line with the requirements of education and society. They only care about "how to keep the position", "How to get the benefit", how to "Buy and sell Diploma", How to "trade" with the social officials.

But what I'm concerned about is: what does that mean? Does such a university really have a "spirit of the University"? Is it really a place where I want to be a scholar?

1. Am I short of money? is our society short of money? Does my life need to do something that no one needs?

Now in our country, everyone is trying to create a wealth of material, every city can see a lot of busy people, everyone in the hard chase. Especially when I work in Shenzhen, this fast-paced city is a money-driven city. Every time, I take the bus, I will pay attention to those waiting for the bus and the street people, many people's faces are written with anxiety and exhaustion.

Everyone is in pursuit of money thought will bring happiness, but why are so unhappy? Looking at the people outside the car, I asked myself: Will someday I will become like them? I ask myself what is the pursuit of happiness? is more material wealth, not, I want to be happy in my case, is a healthy body, a happy and valuable work and can guarantee material life, a harmonious family. And can this happy circle to do their best to promote, then my industrial dream can bring happiness and more people happy?

Look at our country, reform and opening up 30 years, China has been born a lot of enterprises, Huawei, Lenovo, and so on, people have created a lot of material wealth, material life is also more and more superior. But we are more and more concerted efforts to pursue money, we create a very high GDP, but at the same time we are faced with more and more social problems: industrial development has brought a lot of environmental pollution, the physical and mental health of the majority of the city white-collar kusakabe, urban female white-collar more and more people can not enter the palace of marriage, More and more college graduates can not find jobs, urban people in the appearance of material abundance of lack of spirit, through bars, online games, dinner and other time, young children and college students suicide rate increased, popular culture more vulgar even esu, and I met in the University of the various puzzles, Why is there such a problem? How to solve? By the pursuit of money can it?

These questions are really about the well-being of every one of us and the overall well-being of our society. But all this, by money can not be solved, is to rely on culture, relying on wisdom. If money can be solved, then we can buy the physical and psychological health, can buy the family's happiness and harmony, can buy excellent culture, I certainly should make more money. It's a pity that I can't buy all this.

2. Why is there a lack of real education in China?

By culture, by wisdom, talent can be happy, the country will be really strong. Why do you have to do education? The answer is that only education can fundamentally change the quality of a country, and our present China lacks real education. We can see the current situation of education and society and the fault of our traditional culture.

Our primary, secondary and even university education are teaching students to constantly test, pay attention to the scores, however, did so many papers, test so many trials, take a bachelor, master, Doctorate Diploma can solve the problem of life and happiness? Look at the current college students face, how many people are just amalgamation Zhang Diploma, but also self-deception to think: This diploma will bring yourself a good job and qiantu, maybe? So many students through the college entrance examination, into the university why have lost young people should have vigor and vitality? Why do they indulge in online games and spend their most precious years in boredom? Why are so many people unable to find a job to stay at home and become "gnawing at the old tribe?" "And after work many become" Moonlight Clan "?

We finally have to embark on the society, we finally have to face the life and survival independently, we ultimately have to be parents, we ultimately have to support their parents, really related to our life happiness problems, such as how to strengthen the body, how to plan the direction of life, how to deal with marital problems, how to educate children, Does our education concern or inspire us to think about these issues? Is it our education to train a group of test machines in school and then come out and become a working machine? Old to be a dead loser?

So what is real education? Germany's 200-year-old education manifesto once said that the aim of education is not to train people to adapt to the traditional world, not to focus on practical knowledge and skills, but to awaken the power of the students, develop their self-learning initiative, abstract induction and understanding, in order to make them in the current unpredictable future situation, Make a meaningful choice for yourself. Education is the embodiment of the highest value of human being, which is the highest purpose of human being.

Ask my dear friends, is there such an education in China's current primary, secondary and university campuses? No, China is too lack of real education, the lack of a real university! At the same time we look back at the Chinese traditional intellectuals how to do, the Song Dynasty Generation da Ru Zhang Zai once said: For heaven and Earth, the life of the people, for the holy following unique knowledge, for the Eternal open peace! Since then, this sentence has become the consensus of Chinese intellectuals, and now, how many of these scholars in our society? How many of these professors and guides are there in our university? We can see that the so-called "experts" who speak for various interest groups can see the professors and guides in officialdom and shopping malls for money.

Now our society a lot of people are blindly pursuing money as the highest goal of life, from let us hate the real estate business to the present hospital, from the teacher to sell milk powder, many people have forgotten their work ethic, blindly to gold. The lack of culture and responsibility of the rich people to our society has brought more and more high transaction costs and more and more harm. Have we ever known that cleaners in the United States can earn an annual salary of fifty thousand or sixty thousand, but only about 300,000 dollars for their house? But our domestic people need to spend two generations or even three generations of savings to buy a house, because some people ignorant conscience grab high profits, and let how many college graduates will face this grim life event, the house is really worth so much money? Mencius once told us: the top and bottom to pay levy, the country is dangerous. Sanlu milk powder, all over the children's blood lead case has been used in the blood of the facts continue to confirm this sentence, and our society also need how many such examples to awaken everyone: if only for the money and forget the moral, ignorant of conscience, where will our society go?

In such a profit-driven society, how many Chinese people will be quiet to learn and inherit our broad spirit of the traditional culture? "Lao Tzu", "The Analects", "The University", "The Diamond Sutra", "the capital to govern Tong Jian" and so on, these classics inheritance we inherit? How can we give these things to our next generation, if we can't give them up, if we can't finish the 5,000 years of Chinese culture, why do we call ourselves Chinese?

Once there is a saying that, a country broke down and cultural existence of the nation, will certainly be able to restore the country (such as Israel), but a culture of the dead people, without exception completely from the historical stage disappeared, such as Nebuchadnezzar. And it is because of these essence of traditional culture lost, our society becomes more and more strange.

The lack of real education in the school led to a lot of people in the community blindly profit, spiritual emptiness, various social problems have been poor, the essence of traditional culture lost, the latter two in turn affect the school education, such a vicious circle back to where we take? What kind of society will our offspring be born into?

Is this society frantically heading for a dangerous situation, or am I a madman in alarmist?

3. Education for the Rise of China

Considering the situation, I have a deep suspicion of my own industrial ideas, and I have a deep concern for myself and for the survival and development of this society. More than 100 years ago, Mr. Liang Qichao wrote "Young China said", more than 100 years later, we still face the same problem, and more serious. Only from the beginning of education, the cultivation of excellent and conscientious citizens and social leaders, we have the hope to change the ugly side of our society, in order to inherit our culture, our future generations will be healthy and happy to survive in this land, can proudly say: I am a Chinese!

There are two reasons to write this blog:

1. Be able to awaken some of the sleepy part of the university to think about their own life instead of drifting along with the crowd, the help of the people of Heaven.

2. Arouse more people's attention and reflection on education, because it is related to the happiness of each one of us. We should not let our teachers, universities and society to be irresponsible to us, on the contrary, because schools and society are not responsible for us, we should redouble our responsibility for ourselves, but also to seriously think and choose their own life. If we can achieve both, thank you.

Is that what happens in college?

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