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Cheetah Browser ( after the launch of its security browsing performance is very eye-catching, the external so-called is "not installed anti-virus software is also safe." Is there really such a marvellous? The answer is still a question mark. In order to find out, the author intends to carry out the ultra-violent combat naked test, to see whether it is a leopard, or a sick cat.

Since it is "naked test", the first step is of course to shut down, quit antivirus software. Next, ask the cheetah to come out and accept the storm.

1, window ads intercept small test

Violence index: ★

Use the Cheetah Browser to open the Web site with window ads, such as Sina, Cheetah Browser to the window ads have been better interception. The author through the Hao123 navigation station, the home page Most of the sites are browsed, almost all of them have done all the shielding.

Figure 1: Cheetah browser has a good blocking effect on the window ads.

2, try to intercept the effect of the fishing site how

Violence index: ★

Internet shopping because it involves capital security, the protection of online shopping is one of the key points of the test. So I use a fake Taobao site () and a fake ticket ordering website (http://www.airpiao.nXt/site has been harmonized) tested under, the cheetah is also satisfactory, easy clearance.

Figure 2: Multiple tests do not install the case of soft kill, Cheetah browser can still quickly respond to the interception of phishing sites.

It turns out that even without antivirus software, phishing sites can be successfully intercepted by Cheetah browsers, and can also prompt the correct URL.

If all the previous tests were gentle, let the storm come more violently!

3, browser page tampering test

Violence index: ★★★

In the online purchase payment, the virus author common means is to tamper with the page, to steal the silver of netizens. Since tampering with the page is performed in the background, the specific effect is difficult to show, so the author specifically designed a test applet and page: If the page was tampered with, Du Fu's appearance will be spoof (sorry our Shisheng). The following figure, using the traditional browser, Du Fu on the cup.

Figure 3: Test shows that the traditional browser failed to stop the internet shopping trojan intrusion, the page was tampered with.

And what about the cheetah's performance?

Figure 4: Even without anti-virus software, Cheetah Browser can also successfully prevent the internet shopping Trojan tamper with the page, hijacking transactions.

The use of online shopping Trojan simulation program can not tamper with the page, hijacking transactions, to ensure the safety of online shopping. Unexpectedly did not use the security software The help, the cheetah has passed the test, lets the tampering page URL not to have the function.

4, download testing test

Violence index: ★★★☆

can block tampered with the page of the attack, do not know hidden in the site contains a virus trojan download content will not be found.

Figure 5: The download is complete, the Cheetah browser will scan the file once, if the file is a virus, will be marked with red.

Careful observation of the download process, found that the cheetah is a step-by-step, cautious, natural hidden problems file still failed to escape.

However, these skills are not enough to serve the public, at least I am not convinced.

5, Hanging horse website interception test

Violence index: ★★★★

Since the test of phishing site can be easily dealt with, then let it try to hang the power of the horse site! This is a horse shopping site, if you can not pretend to kill the soft case, so that the Trojan program also no hiding, that Cheetah browser does have a hand.

Figure 6: Cheetah Browser successfully intercepts the Trojan horse program operation.

Truth speaks louder than words, it proves its ability again.

6, the Trojan carries out the interception test

Violence index: ★★★★☆

The previous site and program may be too easy to find, the author found a more covert procedures, watching Cheetah browser will have what reaction?

Figure 7: As soon as the Trojan Horse executes a cheetah browser to intercept.

The Trojan did not run the case, the cheetah does not seem to find, this thought that the cheetah finally have helpless, can be a Trojan horse on the implementation of the Cheetah browser to pull out. (Trojans do not run at all does not harm, and a run is caught in the current, it seems that Cheetah browser than we can imagine to know more about the Trojan)

7. System Kernel Protection

Violence index: ★★★★★

Since all the previous tests passed, I had to use the killer-the program that could attack the system kernel. If the kernel of the system is compromised, any other defensive approach will be a cloud.

Figure 8: System kernel protection.

Even this can be done? This is to antivirus software to do, but Cheetah browser still do it. I've had to take it. "Do not install anti-virus software is also safe" seems to be not just a slogan!


Pass the test step by step depth, difficulty step by step, Cheetah Browser still withstood the test, security can say no doubt. As to why there is such a strong defensive ability. From the Golden Hill official introduction is not difficult to find the answer: Cheetah Browser pioneered the active Defense System (Bips), it combines the Golden Hill Cloud security Platform and professional K + (Armor) defense technology, the equivalent of antivirus software and browser-related modules are extracted into the bips. This is equivalent to a built-in "small poison pa" in the browser, the results of the test to see the above know.

No software is foolproof, so Cheetah browser to poison PA in the "Dare to pay" mode transplant in, each has 1000 yuan of compensation fund, so we will be more at ease in the use of the process.

Figure 9: Cheetah Browser online purchase dare to compensate services, online shopping more assured.

At this point, the Cheetah browser does not have to kill the soft also safe question also dispelled.

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