Is the hard drive divided into several areas best?

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In a long time to write a section on the article, because too lazy, thinking is not clear, there is no how to pen, want to write when I do not know how to writing, recently saw friends to talk about zoning issues, the size of the area, how to partition the post especially for a long time, and feel it is the right moment to write something, and a good deal of clarity of thought, The discovery of space is actually more than imagined.

1, I often hear the next friend said, my computer to organize a lot of good, the system how organized, to later more than friends, a little understanding of the computer will say so, years, the cycle. A lot of people before zoning is the most often think of C-disk, research research how many g so won't let C disk will not be full, even for space deliberately to install a compact version of WIN7, every day will look at C disk space, worry about C disk will one day, and then find a variety of optimization software to clear out these occupy space "system garbage", Of course, in PC6 as long as there is a need to be sure, the domestic partition software emerges endlessly, one key partition, the division master, first divides the hard disk into many partition partitions, and in the volume label writes the system, the software, the game, the backup and so on, and the data classification is so methodical and complacent, but does not know oneself is in the self to do intelligently, This partitioning makes the data easily lost, inconvenient to manage, and wastes storage space.

I have said in the previous article, even if you install the software in D, the thing to stay in C disk will still be in C, you can open the C:user user name Appdataroaming folder, this thing is not the so-called partition can be solved. A necessary run-time library of software, such as vc2005,vc2008 located in C disk, but the software main data is kept in the d,e,f disk, the typical example is some so-called "install to other partitions" of large software or games, if run this software game, then the partition causes the head back and forth a large jump to seek a way, Slows down the speed of reading and writing. From this point of view, partitioning does not necessarily improve the disk subsystem efficiency, or even slow down, increase the hard disk load, affecting the hard disk life. To give an intuitive example, you install QQ to D disk, then start QQ equivalent to d->c (software runtime)->d->c (Chat records, pictures, etc.)-d (necessary function)-C (Chat record added), so non-stop jump to jump. D is a long drive to C, and C is for a moment.

I used to tell people that files are not in My Documents, instead of being placed on a system partition, the application should not be installed on a systems disk, installed to a D disk, or even another disk, and it is not understood that Microsoft is designing the "My Documents" in Windows on the system partition and that the user files are placed in My Documents by default. , mocking it as a failed design. The first thing to do after installing the system is to move the user folder to the D disk, put all the cache files to D, also despise Chrome even the installation directory options are not, then I understand that the stupid is me, do not understand the concept contained therein, they do so is to allow the operating system, applications, The user is closely linked together.

When it comes to zoning, of course, Lenovo to computer problems how to do, I believe that a lot of friends to ghost such as a key restore is very respected, more than who will install the system, than the one who installed the system more speed up, starting the system time is shorter, and to if the system is poisoned, slowed down, can not start, does not affect the other partitions for the But I do not know the system can be used to install the normal use of the longer it is really a master, is the expert. Said so much, then how should partition it? How to partition well, more reasonable, more scientific?

2, partitions and WINDOWS7 libraries

Some time ago I saw an article, wrote the WIN7 of the library, write not in detail, because the WIN7 of the library and the partition is closely linked together, I am ready to spend a chapter of space, dedicated to introduce and use the WIN7 library. Not accustomed to using the library can skip the chapter directly, of course, I hope to see.

Library, in English, libraries, library, the meaning of the library, I believe that almost all of the WIN7 friends think WIN7 Library is a useless function, that the library is only the XP era of "My Documents", in fact, flexible use WIN7 library can even replace the hard disk partition, we look at what is the library, through the "library" This new Windows 7 feature makes it easier to find, use, and manage files that are distributed across your computer or network. Libraries can collect data in a single location, regardless of the actual location of the data stored, greatly increased operational efficiency, WIN7 with documents, music, video and other libraries, according to optimization can add more suitable for their own libraries, such as software, games, tools, backup and so on. We turn back, since library is a library, how does the library manage all the books? We can understand that the classification of books into various industries, such as computer, prose, mathematics, biology, and then according to the first letter of ABCD to arrange, is it easy to find a book it?

Let's get used to the text directly.

This is my WIN7 library, I put the library to add tools, games, backup, and so on folders, download the default for the Thunderbolt download, download the file according to the category directly dragged to the corresponding library can be, and the library is also specified the corresponding address, such as

The tool is in the C:tools folder.

Download in C:tddownload folder

The documents in the C disk are displayed in an orderly fashion.

In order to operate conveniently directly to the need to use the library all classification, all operations in the library, for example, I downloaded a song, just to the download library of music dragged to the music library on it, and if I downloaded the installation files, then the installation files dragged to the tool library to complete, and the tool library to specify the C: Tools folder, do not need tedious cutting, and then turn on the computer, C disk, TOOLS, paste, so is the efficiency is much higher? If the folders you use are located in different locations on your hard disk, and the folders are not in the same level, it is difficult to locate each folder in a very deep path. With the features of the library, you can always easily access those locations, and for many applications, when saving files always default to the library as the starting folder location, if a very deep location of the path is included in the library, it is very simple. WIN7 's library is a trans-era improvement, if good use, is not a certain degree of substitution of cumbersome zoning management?

3. Do you want to partition the hard disk?

3.1 Do we want to partition?

I believe most of the bar friends will say, must be partitioned, otherwise the system problems how to do? That's right, but not all right.

Partitioning improves the security of data, prevents data loss, and prevents data loss by creating the habit of backing up data rather than simply partitioning it. Because even on a TB partition, because of the partition table, file allocation table, and so on several KB of data error, loss and greatly affected even "annihilated" (our current common chain partition table, special extended partition and logical partition of this pattern, if a partition is lost, it is possible that all the partitions will be lost along with the following), This is also some experts recommend to use only the main partition reason. So the chain-type partitioning model precisely illustrates the number of partitions, the more data stored, the greater the overall risk. With the size of the hard disk, more and more storage data is unavoidable, this is the inevitable development and progress, as for the number of partitions, we can be very good control, as far as possible to reduce the number of partitions but more can guarantee the security of data. The use of data synchronization and backup is the best way to ensure data security.

Partitioning prevents data loss for another reason: "With partitioning, you can install software games to a system-free partition so that you do not have to reinstall the software after reinstalling the system", is that the case? It is true that some of the more "green" software can still be run, but with the development of the Times, Software is becoming more and more tightly integrated with the system, in fact, a lot of software can not only run, even if not strong to run, or lose repair uninstall function, or lose the copyright registration information, at least the shortcuts you have to manually build, software installed to the system partition is not a good thing, zoning can not prevent some of the software key functions, Loss of data. There will even be a full partition, and some partitions are not used up, and so on, these are partitions can not avoid the problem. Now that it is unavoidable, what should happen?

3.2 How to properly partition

Most of our users use the mechanical hard drive, also do not rule out some solid-state hard disk users, then we follow the principle of mechanical hard disk division, we first look at a picture

The test software gives the reading and writing speed curve, from the starting position to the 150G position of the curve, roughly parallel to the horizontal coordinates, the slope is very small and basically unchanged, indicating that the reading speed is basically stable and maintain the high speed of the outer ring, after this, the slope of the curve began to gradually become larger, tilt is more and more obvious, It shows that the speed of reading and writing begins to decrease obviously, until the speed of reading and writing is minimal. The purpose of the partition at this point is to limit the portion of the data that is most needed for high-speed access to the outer ring of the hard disk so that it can always read and write as quickly as possible.

Okay, here we go.

If zoning, then my suggestion has these points

1, the less the better, preferably within 4 (4 primary partitions), so will not be linked to partitioned tables, particularly extended partitions and logical partitions of this mode, a partition if lost, it is possible to follow all the partitions along with the loss of this happens

2. How big is the C-disk? Just now I said, the front of the hard disk is 30-35% is the outer ring, will be faster, so my recommendation is, if your hard drive is 500G, then divide 150G to C disk

3, other space how to layout? How do you put the file? We can understand this, all the applications will be used to the C-disk software runtime, we can put all the software, games, applications in C, d,e in turn, the speed will drop, then D-disk put some high-definition audio-visual files, MP3 is the most suitable, e disk is suitable for some tools, software backup, system backup, important file backup and so on, because these are usually not used

4, if you are accustomed to using WIN7 library, you can WIN7 each library as a partition, so that is not partition of the partition

5, solid State hard drive not to partition, the local frequent erase will make the solid state drive life greatly reduced

4. End language

Believe there are many people's hard drive for a few years, some partitions are not filled, and the space reserved for partitioning is rarely read or written, especially for the part of the space reserved for the system partition, which not only makes full use of this part of the space reserved, but also reads and writes too frequently for other storage locations, That is to say, storage media utilization is not evenly distributed, it is obvious that partitioning does not necessarily improve the efficiency of disk space, but is one of the reasons for the waste of storage space. WIN7 in the "library" concept and "desktop Search" technology, file classification and management can not use hard disk partitions, especially in the face of multiple attributes and types of files, Tree Directory Way folder management is stretched, or is congenitally deficient. Libraries allow for large changes in file management, and in the cloud storage era, all files are logically at the same level, and access to files is determined by search.

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