Is there such a person that you have said for countless times to give up, but you are reluctant to give up after all!

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Everyone has their own love, everyone will have their own happiness, but the road to happiness is not the same, some people can only see the rainbow in the distance after the storm!



Is there such a person?
When you think of him, you raise your lips unconsciously.


Is there such a person?
You will suddenly become silent when you hear his name


Is there such a person?
You will think of him crying when you are alone, but you will make an indifferent smile when you see him.



There are too many beautiful and touched in life
But you would rather feel sad for that person, or even be on the verge of collapse.
You will write down a large section in your diary that once did not belong to you.
It will be painful to hear the lyrics sing your voice so well.
He will dream of his indifferent expression at night and wake up crying at night
...... Even more



Is there such a person?
Thank God for letting you meet him. You think it is a pleasure to see him.


Is there such a person?
You say you want to give up for countless times, but you are reluctant to give up after all.


Is there such a person?
You have wasted your youth and missed love for him, but you are still waiting silly, even if you know that he will not go back



Every day like him is a torment for you.
Every minute and every second is mixed with pain and sweetness
Even if the pain makes you cry again and again, even if you know that sweetness is just an illusion that you comfort yourself, you will still learn not to let go.
You said: You recognized
You said: You have to admit defeat from the moment you like him.
You said, [you see, I lost my heart.]



Is there such a person?
It will make you feel like an old man is here to beat you, but you are willing to be hurt, even if you know that you will be hurt


Is there such a person?
You wish you never liked him, or even never knew him.
However, if God gives you a chance to return to the past, you will still choose to like him, even without any hesitation.


Is there such a person?
You don't know if he's the only one in your life.
You are not sure you met the right person at the wrong time.
I met the wrong person at the right time.



More than once, my friends have been fighting for you.
They advise you to give up
They said he was not worthy of your grief.
They said: [What's his hobby?]
But you are not happy with him.
You said: he deserves it.
You said: He is very good.
You said, [I am not good enough.]



You know that you are good
That's what you say when you know your friends love you.
You know that you gave up, and it was nice to each other.
But you just don't want to give up.
[Because he is him, he is unique.]
You just watched it, thought about it, liked it... It's just because you're afraid that your liking will upset him.
So you can hide your own feelings and swallow your grief
If you feel sad, it makes him uncomfortable.
It will make you feel bad



Simple dating makes people humble
You never want him to like you.
You only want him not to deprive him of your rights.
You are so nice to him
So everyone is sorry for you.
So his friends are excited.
The one he liked was so overwhelmed ......



But there are too many regrets in life.
For example, if someone loves you and loves you with enthusiasm and attention, you cannot accept his kindness.
For example, if you love that person, then he can only say [Sorry] To You.
[You once believed that he was your happiness, but his happiness was not yours.]



You think such a single affair is good.
You say to yourself: [like a person thing]
Why are you crying again and again?
The pain in your heart once again tortured you
So you are tired.
Really tired


You finally have to give up.
You said: [NO, NO.]
You said: [after paying so much, they only make each other unhappy in the end ...... Although still reluctant, but I love him. So I can't bear it.]
You said: [a person's love. How long have you kept me forever?]



But you said, it's so decisive.
You said: [if you give me another chance and let me go back to the past, I will still fall in love with you in desperate ways.]
You said: [even if it was so painful, I still thank you for meeting you. Meet You. Is my greatest luck.]
You said, [I will remember that I loved someone so deeply.]


You know you must put it down
Because the road to the future is still long, and he cannot give you the happiness you want
But you will still be reluctant
Because you don't know
Whether you can meet someone in the future can make you love that person as crazy and persistently as you love him now
Can you do your best as you like him?



You only know that he is a wound in your heart that cannot be healed
You can't forget it, just because he once made you so deeply love, hurt, hurt
So you buried him in a corner of your heart.
Deep and deep
If you accidentally touch it, it will lead to biting pain
Then you smiled and said to him:
[Sorry! Dear, I don't love you anymore.]

Love is the love of both parties. Only by loving each other, caring for each other, and treating each other with sincerity can we be truly happy and hope that all those in the world will end up in love!

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