Issues for creating and using IP Security policies

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To create and use a problem called IP Security Policy in a Windows system, you first need to understand what IPSec is and then specifically solve these problems. So let's take a look at it now!

IPSEC is an open standard framework structure that ensures secure, confidential traffic on an IP network by using cryptographic security services. The IPSec execution of Windows is based on standards developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) IPSec workgroup.

IPsec can establish trust and security from the source IP address to the destination IP address. Only those computers that must understand that communication is secure are the computers that are sent and received. Each computer assumes that the communication medium is unsafe and therefore handles security on its respective terminals.

IPSec policy is used to configure IPSec security services. These policies provide various levels of protection for most types of communication in most existing networks. You can configure IPSEC policies based on the security needs of your computer, domain, and site.

IPSec policies are made up of regular IPSec policy settings and rules. The following is a straightforward way to describe the creation and use of IPSEC policies from the command line perspective.


REM 1. Creating policies

netsh ipsec static add policy name= "an IP policy"

REM 2. Create a filter action

netsh ipsec static add filteraction name= "block" Action=block

REM netsh ipsec static add filteraction name= "Allow" action=permit

REM 3. Create a filtered list

netsh ipsec static add filterlist name= "a filtered list"

REM 4. Creating filters

netsh ipsec static add filter filterlist= "A filtered list" Srcaddr=any dstaddr=me dstport=8080 description= "8080 port access Control" protocol= TCP Mirrored=yes

REM 5. Creating policy rules

netsh ipsec static add rule name= a filter policy= an IP policy "filterlist=" a filtered list filteraction= "Block"

REM 6. Activating policy

netsh ipsec static set policy name= "An IP policy" assign=y

Summary: Windows systems Create and use a policy called IP Security that makes all programs and files in the system more secure and confidential. This is a very good computer software, so the above is about the creation and use of these specific methods, very simple is also very useful oh!

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