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In most enterprises today, IT administrators are more common, this is a very complex position, administrators need to master a lot of knowledge to solve day-to-day it maintenance work. For newly graduated college students, IT administrators are often the positions chosen by many people, but they do require a lot of it knowledge. If you want to be in the position of an IT administrator, you should read this article carefully.

10 aspects that IT administrators need to know

Of course, if you want to be in the position of IT administrator, some basic knowledge you still need to master, for example, you need to know the basic principles of IP subnet and wall, you have to understand the network routing, switch basic settings, you will also configure the program and so on, these are the basic knowledge of IT administrators.

And in addition to the knowledge that IT administrators often use, here's a list of 10 techniques that are common to you in daily maintenance, which are rare for individuals in common applications, but very useful for IT managers, please look carefully at the following 10 areas.

1. Management of computer domains

If you know how to add a computer to a workgroup, you should know how to add it to a domain in a Windows computer.  This is the basic thing that will help you unify the management of all the computers in the company's domain, the domain is a management boundary for a group of computers sharing a shared security database, and the domain is actually a set of servers and workstations. The use of domain management can make our day-to-day management very convenient, centralized, while providing the security of the entire enterprise, so that users can share information, convenient day-to-day management.

2. Solve the printing problem

A printer can be said to be a necessary device for every company, but it is a common curse for IT administrators, usually, the printer is always on-call status, you need to find a suitable PC or server for the printer to connect, you also need to know all the solutions for local and network printers, And how to delete a printer in the Windows registry.

Printer failures often occur

3. Enter "Safe Mode" to start

Machine infection is a common problem, and it is clear that these malware we often use some tools, such as Combofix software. When this happens, you need to enter the "Safe mode" to start the computer, Safe mode is a special mode of Windows operating system, often use the computer friends will not be unfamiliar, in Safe mode users can easily repair the system of some errors, play a multiplier effect.

4. Install OS

Installing the OS is the ability that every IT administrator must have, and you should need to know how to install the Windows 7/8,windows server,linux operating system and Mac, which is the minimum standard, and if possible, you need to know how to install dual systems, How to install virtual systems, and so on.

5. Managing users in Active Directory

Active Directory is a centralized directory management service in Microsoft Windows Server that is responsible for large network environments in the architecture, and user management in Active Directory is an ongoing task-to add, delete, edit, lock, Unlock, Or just reset the password and other operations. You need to find your own way to resolve Active Directory and how to manage AD users.

6. Reset the password on the server

This is not always as simple as an Active Directory password reset. It may be that when you need to change the admin password in a non advertising machine (knowing how changes affect things like Acronis backups and so on).  You should also know how to reset your password on a Linux server/desktop and a Mac desktop. 7. Create a Configuration mailbox account

Email is a very common tool in today's work, you need to know how to create a mailbox account, when a special situation occurs, you need to know how to remove the corrupted profile, add the correct profile, and learn how to transfer the files in the mailbox.

Planning to backup Windows Server

8. Run Chkdsk

At some point, IT administrators will encounter disk failures, disk errors, and so on, which requires us to check the disk. You need to know how to force Chkdsk to run at startup and to allow commands to automatically fix errors.

9. Plan to backup Windows Server

There are many reasons why you need to backup Windows Server, even if you use a Third-party software backup solution, you still need to take advantage of the only tool--exchange and you need to know how to schedule Windows Server Backup.

10. Clear C Disk space

Many times, because the office software is too much, C disk is often filled, if it is on the server, this will make a very bad problem, you need to know exactly how to do reasonable C disk, such as running a simple tool, such as CCleaner of the purge temporary files, or use WinDirStat to help you save C disk space.

Summary: To understand what is mentioned above, then you are a start-up it administrator, if you want to become a successful IT administrator, you need to accumulate experience in daily work, of course, the above mentioned 10 points is very important content, IT administrators need to keep in mind!

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