It experience: differences between Vm instances and VPS

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We can discuss the differences between Vm instances and VPs in the following six aspects:

(1) security and reliability: VPS-program defects, ARP spoofing, viruses, and resource congestion installed on other VPs on the same physical server will seriously affect itself, basically no defense capability for ARP, Trojans, and DDoS; cloud host's built-in chinasai ARP defense, scale-up to improve anti-DDoS capabilities, share the performance and reliability of world-class brand enterprise-class servers and hardware virtualization, built-in ha, provides a variety of quick recovery measures, such as backup and data backup. This cloud host wins.

(2) performance and guarantee: VPs is a real host virtualized into multiple small hosts, only applicable to small-scale concurrent access, performance is often not guaranteed, it is vulnerable to the extrusion of other VPs on the same physical server. ECS regards a large number of Server clusters as a resource pool. through balanced scheduling of virtual operating systems, both data security and performance are basically guaranteed. This cloud host wins.

(3) elasticity and scalability: VPs is fast to expand, but it is subject to the configuration of a single server and cannot call resources of multiple physical machines. VM instances can be expanded as needed at any time, starting in just a few minutes, quickly scaling up ultra-large scale clusters to meet sudden demands. The timeliness of VPs is slightly higher, and the elastic scalability of VM instances wins.

(4) cost of ownership: Low-configuration VPs rental prices are the lowest. However, low security, reliability, and unguaranteed performance result in unguaranteed service quality and difficult to control and high operating costs. The overall cost of VM instances is the lowest, with no monthly deposit, pay-as-you-go, and basic Zero maintenance. You can also share the cost advantages brought about by scale, green energy saving, and Best IT practices. The cost of renting a single machine is advantageous for VPs, but the overall operating cost for migrating to a cloud host may be better.

(5) ease of use and ease of management: VPs provides a single-host management interface without the root or super administrator operating system permissions. management flexibility is limited by the management interface. VM instance customers can perform self-service through the Management and Control Platform, centrally and centrally manage VM instances distributed across different regions, and have full privileges of the Super administrator operating system, in addition, there is more space and wider possibilities for flexible networking configuration. This cloud host wins.

Of course, the specific security and reliability, service performance, elasticity, and ease of use indicators of VM instances are still uneven in the industry, he is strongly related to the overall resource quality, underlying hardware performance, virtualization technology, upper-layer control systems, and backend support services, the true provision of high-quality and reliable cloud hosts requires the initial investment of large-scale high-quality resources, continuous R & D capabilities, software and hardware Integration Optimization capabilities, and the support of many cloud service experts, to provide cost-effective services that are difficult to surface in the short term. Enterprises can choose their own it Bearer Based on their actual needs and business conditions. (Some materials are from the Internet)

It experience: differences between Vm instances and VPS

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