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The founder of Li Zhuoheng: We are learning Twitter, we are most concerned about how to meet the needs of users, how to improve my products, how more consistent with the habits of our Chinese users, the next real solution to this problem, I believe that the next all, It should be said that the profit will certainly come, and second, if it does not come, this is the Internet industry must bear a risk, this is what Twitter has to bear, otherwise it is very profitable, but the opportunity in the end, before the success of no one knows will it?

do what net founder Shijian: My opinion is like this, that is, the community on the internet has only one kind of profit pattern, is the advertisement. As long as the user to play on our site, as long as his attention eyeball on my internet, then I can sell things to him.

busy no net founder Zhang Benwei: I think the rice net Wang have a word very good, "do play Bai". I want you to do this to play this concept spread more widely, so we also, Wang can do play, I can do play.

CSDN Deputy General Manager Haenle: when it comes to entrepreneurial advice, I also created the industry, but gave up, is not not to make money, think that entrepreneurship is not as comfortable as working, in doing anything, in the heart to ask yourself several times, What are you doing, what you do has no meaning, What are you doing, is there any value in what you do? You think it's worth it to do it again.

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Moderator: Welcome to Han Sum three Twitter clone website head of the front desk sits.

Moderator: Before we start the second link, ask the head of the Twitter clone website to say something about Twitter and its website, and everyone will give you three minutes to start with Lee.

Li Zhuoheng: Hello everyone, I am the founder of the network, I called Li Zhuoheng, on the internet you may know a website, is, this site is my own to do a website, in the education network is more famous. Just now I think Korea always said this Twitter is very refreshing to us, a lot of things do not know, like Williams and his friends gossip story, I think it is really interesting. Well, from our home country, I feel like we first call the learner, such as Twitter, the foreign site of this model, is the vast number of foreign friends have been very painful, it does provide a good, like Williams also very proud, he knew his buddies in the bar, This is a natural demand for people. From China's point of view, like today's imn is doing this thing, all Chinese people do not have any one channel to meet their needs, which for the needs of our netizens I believe will be a satisfaction, I think we are now in the domestic environment, Maybe people are not quite sure what Twitter is. We are all in the circle here, that really need this netizen includes some small boy, white-collar, old man, old lady, everybody needs, have own son, husband, wife, we suggest this part of the crowd market, will be in the next year to two years of time, will be all the domestic pioneers, Slowly to do this market, so that we understand the service, so that the vast number of netizens can bring really useful things, this is our time to go more than before, it is relatively easy things. So here today, but also hope to discuss with all of you, we are pioneers, including Han can always discuss how the Twitter model in the country how to go? Or what will happen next, I think the next to our line of understanding the biggest harvest, is also today to learn things, thank you.

Moderator: Thank you, Mr. Li, please Shing below.

Shijian: Hello everyone, my name is Shijian, I am the founder of the net, our company is headquartered in Suzhou, we are in the country. We have before this, also did the website, called BB Group, BB Group is a communication community company, to provide a platform on MSN to build this group, we may know QQ group, in the domestic is very hot a timely news agency area, but in MSN did not, At least MSN it itself did not provide such a service, in the past 1.5 or so, we have been doing MSN group such a thing, of course, do such things also have a lot of restrictions, because this platform belongs to MSN, we do on the above is only a value-added services. But we can feel that people very much hope that in the timely communication, the establishment of a community of such a demand, there are people, we have also wanted to build this can and different im linked together, we can all together, have had such an idea. But actually the MSN user, relative to MSN is still relatively few, then also in the first half of this year, one of our investors bar, he put this Twitter, he said may be able to look at this, we read after the very interesting, also just, that is to meet our hope, Satisfied with such a variety of IM software, can combine such a kind, has been looking for a breakthrough point to do this thing, of course, this different im this is just a technical tool, of course, what to do with it? I think the idea of Twitter is very, very interesting. What are you doing? Because of friends, now the Internet provides a good platform to keep in touch with everyone, but there was no such a good tool, I also have a lot of friends, relatives distributed around the world, to maintain contact is a difficult thing.

So Twitter uses what are you doing such a simple phrase, at least for the site has a focus, with a theme. This is also why we are talking about our website, what are you doing? And from my point of view, I to "do" this word, but also embrace a very pure attitude. Because he is also a person who can do things. The word "Do" is always interesting, we put it on a domain name, as a site, we feel that there is a meaningful thing, then we hope, is through this site, to through a variety of ways, now we just say with words, the beginning with words, And then we have to use now, already can use the image, in an illustrated way to reflect you this person you do, and then through this record, to reflect your life.

Moderator: Thank Shing. Here is the general Zhang.

Zhang Benwei: Our website just changed name, because formerly we call Msnnext. Now the name is busy no net, our website is just made out, recently also published this report, which we have a problem is to ask the user really like even a word, then we found that the user 60% selected "Busy No", "busy" is very simple, we are in the big market of Twitter, a knife cut, Elected office workers this market, that is, in the above to solve the problem of work, but no longer to talk to chat, and then simply spread your mood, not the main. So we're going to push Twitter in the next month, because there's an extension, and I have a personal relationship, because what I did in 1999 was, the top four in the market, and, of course, we sold and then. So we had a service that was done very early in the country, is the message of the financial services, that time the SP code is 9158, and our domain name is the same, is pushing finance, you can customize your financial stocks you can say today bullish, and then he mass this way, I think it's an early service model that uses service-type SMS, we packed a year to collect 600 dollars, and then about every year, the best, the most crazy time is probably 60,000 users are using this thing, we can get out of a year we make a lot of money, but 1999 stock plunged, we also plunged, It's faster to spend than to make.

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