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Editor's note: Since the Ministry of Information Industry has implemented the supervision system for information engineering construction, people have fully affirmed the positive role of supervision in construction. However, people have always had different opinions on the positioning of supervisors in informatization construction and their roles. This article introduces the cooperation between It supervision and project management.

Since the Ministry of Information Industry has implemented the supervision system for information engineering construction, people have fully affirmed the positive role of supervision in construction. However, people have always had different opinions on the positioning of supervisors in informatization construction and their roles. Some customers may ask: How do you supervise the purchase of IBM servers and ensure that these servers meet the quality requirements? Some customers may ask: we are a software project. How do you ensure the quality and progress? Indeed, they are all information-based projects. Projects differ greatly from each other. Generally, a large information system integration project has its own project management plan, how can we locate the relationship between It supervision and project management to achieve the expected purpose of supervision?

The main objectives of supervision are project quality control, progress control, and cost control. From the perspective of project construction, we found that this is also the Golden Triangle of Project Management: time, quality, and resources. So what is the relationship between supervision and Project Management? Of course, the supervisor is also a project and can be used for project management. However, we want to discuss the relationship between supervision and project management by Party B. In terms of supervision's phase division, it is also based on the initiation, design, implementation and acceptance processes of project management. Therefore, the supervision work is first carried out based on the Project Management of Party B.

If Party B's project management is standardized, is supervision ineffective? Indeed, in the project construction, quality and progress must be ensured by good project management. However, in the actual process, the situation is ever-changing. Does the project construction always comply with the construction specifications, is there enough human resources and time resources to ensure the quality and progress of the project? Some project owners also develop project management plans, break down tasks, and make Gantt charts in the initial stage. However, they found that the progress had deviated from the project progress plan from the beginning, so they simply put aside the plan, where to go, and then postponed. Or it is too late. We can reverse the schedule from the deadline, omit some processes, and rush to catch up with the progress. In other words, the supervision company's first important task in informatization construction is to check whether Party B's project management is standardized and reasonable, and whether the project construction can be conducted in accordance with the specifications. Therefore, the supervisor must have rich experience in engineering design, implementation, and project management.

To achieve the monitoring target of supervision requires a process guarantee, which is why some projects advocate the whole process supervision. supervision has been involved since the beginning of the project. Unlike the construction industry, it is common for information engineering, especially application systems and software systems, to adopt design and construction integration, this brings great risks to the overall quality control of the project. Therefore, the ideal practice is to spend more time and effort in the initial stage of the project to fully demonstrate the feasibility of the project, project requirements, and possible risks, to prevent the project from being in trouble later. This is only an ideal situation, and there are few information projects that do not change. With the construction of the system, the customer's original views will be further improved, and there will be a new understanding of business needs, the difference is that the improvement of this understanding of the original design of the structure of the formation of a major change. In many major system integration projects, Party A and Party B of the project often have a large conflict with each other due to major changes in demand. Changes also undermine the pace of the project, this reduces the overall quality and project progress, and reduces the productivity and morale of the staff. Party B often complains that the project cannot be implemented. At this time, the role of the supervision company is very important, both to ensure the overall quality objectives of the project, but also to treat the customer's various change requirements differently, to constrain non-standard behaviors in the project, strengthen risk control over the project.

Not only that, Information Engineering is very professional and has a very fine division of labor. software, hardware, network, security, and so on, each field has its own depth, it involves many specialized categories, strong technical skills, high risks, and unpredictability. Even if the project publisher follows the project management requirements step by step, unexpected problems may occur, not to mention the irregular behavior of the Project creator. We often encounter performance problems in the network or server when system integrators perform initial system integration. Sometimes it takes a long time to locate the problem, which cannot be solved quickly, relatively passive. Sometimes there are potential problems that are difficult to find. For example, if the server configuration does not take into account the business development, it can meet the business processing requirements in the initial stage, but it will soon require additional investment. Some security issues are not comprehensive and may cause greater potential risks in the future. Therefore, in terms of technology, the supervision content must far exceed the requirements of project management, requiring the supervision party to be comprehensive in terms of technology, for example, network, communication, host, storage, application software, and automatic control. In different stages of project management, you must check the key points of the project at the Technical layer. In this regard, the producers often do less and take more measures to correct problems after the event.

Therefore, in information engineering construction, the supervisor must first have reasonable and scientific project management. Based on the project management plan, the supervisor has different quality plans at different stages of construction, risk management plan, communication plan, and progress control plan. All these planning methods are used to supervise and straighten out the project management of the project owner and regulate non-standard behaviors in the project management, check the technical quality and progress at key points of the project to ensure that the project construction is more standardized and scientific, and the whole process is controlled.

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