J2_system. getproperty standard parameter example table.

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J2_system. getproperty standard parameter example table.

The varous j2jsr statements define system property names that can be queried at runtime. These provide two services:

To indicate the availability of an optional package:

For example, if the device supports the location API for j2e-then the property microedition. location. version will be present. the value associated with it will be "1.0", to indicate compliance with JSR 179.

To provide platform-dependent configuration data

For instance, the property microedition. commp orts is present in the MIDP 2.0 specification. its value is a comma-separated list of ports you can use to build a URL, which the generic connection framework can in turn use to create a javax. microedition. io. commconnection object.
To Query System Properties use Java. Lang. system. getproperty (), as in:

Import java. Lang .*;

String value;
String key = "microedition. Pim. Version ";

Value = system. getproperty (key );

This table lists the defined system properties, drawing them from jsrs that are in the public review, final ballot, or final State, as defined in the Java Community process (JCP ):

J2defined System Properties

JSR property name
Default Value & sup1;
30 microedition. Platform null
Microedition. Encoding iso8859_1
Microedition. Configuration CLDC-1.0
Microedition. Profiles null
37 microedition. locale null
Microedition. Profiles MIDP-1.0
75 microedition. Io. file. fileconnection. Version 1.0
File. separator (impl-dep)
Microedition. Pim. Version 1.0
118 microedition. locale null
Microedition. Profiles MIDP-2.0
Microedition. commp orts (impl-dep)
Microedition. hostname (impl-dep)
120 wireless. messaging. SMS. SMSC (impl-dep)
139 microedition. Platform (impl-dep)
Microedition. Encoding ISO8859-1
Microedition. Configuration CLDC-1.1
Microedition. Profiles (impl-dep)
177 microedition. smartcardslots (impl-dep)
179 microedition. Location. Version 1.0
180 microedition. Sip. Version 1.0
184 microedition. M3G. Version 1.0
185 microedition. jtwi. Version 1.0
195 microedition. locale (impl-dep)
Microedition. Profiles imp-1.0
205 wireless. messaging. SMS. SMSC (impl-dep)
205 wireless. messaging. mms. mmsc (impl-dep)
211 chapi-Version 1.0

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