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A pattern of textures is formed by listing the patterns of a scene in random fashion across the canvas. And this kind of texture pattern has two kinds of performance, the first kind is the fine texture texture, this kind of texture mostly applies to the background of the webpage, it appears relatively low-key, the main hue is black and white gray; the second is the pattern texture, which is randomly distributed with the pattern as the independent details, as shown below


This kind of pattern texture can spread out the entire canvas, directly emphasize the theme, although the direct use of the page layout is very rare, but also in the production of an ad map or a special modification of the scene to use.

Today we want to learn is the second pattern for the independent details of the pattern texture, already have similar thepatternlibrary such a site to provide you with exquisite texture download, but the design and actual needs of the details or horseshoes, then, It's important to create a seamless pattern texture yourself.

Preparation of production

1, AI Software;

2, completed manuscript map;

3, color scheme;

 Second, draw the details of the map

1, comb the details

Here the detail map is a random pattern of "cell" or "texture", then, the aesthetic degree of texture will affect the final effect to a large extent. So, here we will ask you to complete the manuscript first.

The manuscript can be played at will, according to the theme you want to create the details you think is most suitable for "appearance". Manuscripts can be painted on paper with pencils, or by Wacom. The way I use this is to use Wacom to draw directly.

Note: Wacom is the name of hand-painted digital board

The emphasis here is on the color scheme, because the detail map is made up of multiple objects, therefore, will be involved in a variety of colors, and color matching is very important, so the full preparation required is a color scheme, in the painting can be easily used on the appropriate color, and will not because of the messy color and headache.

Let's take a look at the color scheme I've prepared:


Here I want to do is the Japanese classical texture, then whether the color or object choice will tend to the Japanese classical style.

2. Drawing pattern

From the photos of Japan's travels, several objects were selected as typical Japanese impressions: cherry blossoms, lanterns, Dwarf bamboos, fans, stones.

Next I will use the AI software to draw. On the drawing of objects, I believe that everyone will use their favorite painting, I will omit the actual drawing process in order to ensure that each reader to create more open and free. Ai vector Software for the construction of the geometry has sufficient advantages, so painting can be as far as possible to choose the use of geometric patterns for clever combination, cutting and other ways.

I feel for the use of AI software drawing graphics, this is like the paper-cut manual work we did as a child, the use of basic geometry, the hands and brain, you can collage any shape of the pattern. And the fine degree of software and the use of various effects can make the whole pattern to achieve a brilliant effect.

In the process of drawing can be temporarily with a random color collocation, when all objects are drawn to complete the combination, and then again according to the color scheme palette.

The process of drawing cherry blossoms:


Japanese fan drawing process:


The drawing process of the lantern:


The drawing process of the dwarf bamboo:


The process of drawing a stone:


 Third, composition and seamless processing

After all the objects have been drawn, we begin to compose the composition, the best time to play!

AI creates a new size-appropriate document, placing the objects just painted on the canvas. Because we do not consider the color of the neat collocation, and now need to do is based on our color scheme to adjust the color.

This is the color before:


After the color scheme is added to color:


Then select all the objects, click on the object > Pattern > Build. The Pattern Creation Options panel appears, and you can choose to debug in this panel and make the texture pattern you want most. For example, copy new cherry blossoms, add dot decorations, reduce the transparency of some details, and repaint.

The main points to note here are:

1 Your pattern to create the panel settings, in order to keep the pattern seamless, here's the tile type to select "Grid" 2 I set the pattern size here is 300px*300px to ensure that each object can be perfectly displayed 3) Try not to leave blank, so that the whole pattern appears full of rich

You'll see the final effect of the whole pattern right here. When finished, click on the top left corner after completion. You will see in the color palette you just created a seamless texture pattern, double-click it will pop up the Setup Panel, you can continue to modify.


At this point, the seamless texture pattern is done.


 Iv. Application of

You can try drawing a 300px*300px rectangle that is the same size as the one you just set. Then select the pattern fill and export to a picture in PNG format.

The advantage of saving a PNG image is that it retains a transparent background, so the pattern will be used more flexibly because the background color can be changed depending on the situation. In the PS software to define the pattern, in practice to increase the gradient background or other solid color background, the following figure.


Five conclusion

In the process of making a texture pattern, you have to train your ability to balance the beauty of the whole picture, the design is the balance of the relationship between each material, including their color, distance, structure ... And these all require you to try and get a best point in step three. I did not further beautify this pattern in the tutorial, but you have to remember that the design has no end. I hope you can do better!

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