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Alpha (Alpha)
This version indicates that the software is only a preliminary product, usually communicated only within the software developer, and a small portion is released to professional testers.
In general, this version of the Software Bug (vulnerability) More, ordinary users should not install.
The main developers themselves to test the product, check whether the product is defective, error, verify the product features and instructions, the user manual is consistent.

< Strong>β (Beta)  
This version has been greatly improved relative to the alpha version, eliminating serious errors, but there are still some flaws that need to be further eliminated by large-scale release testing.
This version is usually released free of charge by software companies, Users can download from the relevant site. Through the testing of some professional enthusiasts, the results are fed back to the developers and the developers make targeted changes.
This version is also not suitable for general user installation.

Beta software has been popular in recent years, mainly thanks to the rapid development of the Internet.
This version of the software usually has a time limit, After expiration, if the user wishes to continue to use, they will usually have to pay a fee for registration or purchase.
Some trial versions of the software also have some limitations on functionality.

The unregistered version is very similar to the trial version, except that the unregistered version usually has no time limit and is functionally limited to the official version,
For example, most of the Internet telephony software registered and unregistered version, there is a large gap in the quality of the call.
also some although in use with the official version identical, But it will pop up an annoying message box to remind you to register, such as looking at the picture software ACDSee, intelligent Chen Qiao Chinese character input software.

is also known as the demo version, mainly to demonstrate some of the functions of the formal software, users can learn the basic operation of the software, for the sale of official products to expand the impact.
If it's a game, there are only one or two levels to play. This version is also available for free download from the Internet.
demo edition only integrates several features in the official version, Quite a bit like unregistered (unregistered; unregistered; not registered).
different, The demo version generally cannot be upgraded or registered to the official version.

The above is the official version of the software before the release of several versions, α, beta, gamma can be called beta, generally mature software will always have a number of beta version, such as the beta version of Windows 98, and then nearly 10.
With so many beta editions on the one hand, the final product is as satisfying as possible to the user's needs, while minimizing bugs in the software.
And trial, unregistered, demo sometimes collectively referred to as the demo version, this kind of version of the advertising color is thicker, quite a bit before the taste of buying, for ordinary users naturally can be free early adopters.

Release (official version)
This version means "final release", after a series of beta versions, there will eventually be a formal version, for users, the purchase of this version of the software is absolutely not wrong.
This version is sometimes referred to as the Standard Edition. In general, release does not appear in the form of words on the software cover, instead of symbols, such as Windows NT? 4.0, MS-DOS? 6.22 and so on.

Obviously, this version is a registered version of unregistered.
The registered version, release and the Standard Edition described below, are the official version of the software, but a large part of the predecessor of the registered software is downloaded from the Internet.

This is the most common Standard Edition, no matter what the software, the standard version must exist.
The Standard Edition contains the basic components of the software and some common functions to meet the needs of the general user. The price is "approachable" for a relatively high-level version.

As the name implies, "Deluxe Edition". The deluxe edition is usually relative to the standard version, the main difference is a few more features,
The price will certainly be higher than a large chunk, not recommended for general users to buy. This version is often intended for professional users who pursue the "perfect".

If it is general software, commonly called "enhanced version", will add some useful new features. If it is a game, it is generally called "enhanced version", will add some new game scene and game plot and so on. This is the official release.

This version of the model is common in the encyclopedia, the more famous is the Microsoft's Encarta series.
reference is the highest level, which contains the subject, Images, movie clips, and so on both standard and deluxe editions have increased significantly,
capacity from one disc to three discs, and added a strong interactive function, of course, the price is not cheap. It can be said that this version of the encyclopedia can be regarded as a true encyclopedia, but also the first choice of enthusiasts collection.

Pro edition is for some specific development tool software. There is a lot of content in the Pro edition that is not available in the Standard Edition,

This is obviously intolerable for a complete development project if no FoxPro on the client is available. If you use the Pro version there is no problem.

Enterprise Edition is the best in development software (equivalent to the reference version in the encyclopedia).
Having a set of this version of the software can develop any level of application without any obstacles.
The famous Visual C + + Enterprise Edition adds several additional features to the Professional edition, such as SQL debugging, extended stored procedure wizards, support for as/400 access to OLE DB, and more. And this version of the price is not acceptable to ordinary users.

such as Microsoft's Visual Studios 6.0 Enterprise Chinese version of the price of 23000 yuan.

It is 1 in terms of English literal meaning. Finally, the final 2. Basic, Fundamental 3. The meaning of the greatest, ultimate degree,
The version named with Ultimate has the most powerful, the most complete function, the best stability and other excellent characteristics, and compared with similar software,
Integrates all the features and has some special service offerings. Ultimate designed for the user of the Ashes level, to perfect, perfect, for the purpose. It is also a version of many users, of course, the price is the highest.

Other versions

The upgraded version of the software can not be used independently, the version of the software during the installation process will be searched for the original official version,
If it does not exist, the next step is denied. such as Microsoft Office 2000 upgrade, Windows 9x upgrade, and so on.

The OEM version is typically a version that is bundled in hardware and not sold separately. To the other companies to sell their products, to retain their copyright, mutual benefit, double benefit.

stand-alone version
Network version in the function, structure is far more complex than the standalone version, if you pay attention to the software quotes, you will find some software standalone version and network version of the price difference is very large, some network version even more a client port will add a lot of money.

Popular Edition
This version is sometimes called a shared version, which is characterized by low prices (some are even completely free), a single function, strong targeting (and of course, the occupation of the market, anti-piracy and other factors).
Unlike the trial version, this version of the software generally does not have a time limit. Of course, if users want to upgrade, it is best to buy the official version.

The above is a brief introduction to some common software versions, with the changes in the software market behavior, there are now some new versions of the naming method,
For example, XP in Windows XP is taken from the second and third letters in experience. Hope that the above content to everyone's purchase, use and download software to help.

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Jar Package Version Introduction (beta,alpha,release), software version Introduction

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