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Java common Third party software packages

Online collection of some common Java development of Third-party software packages, for your reference

1.Apache POI 2 of Office documents. IText PDF Operation Class Library

3.Java Base64 Base64 Coding Class Library

4.commons-lang corresponds to the Java.lang package inside the Java SDK to simplify basic tool class operations

5.pingyin4j Chinese Pinyin Library

6.commons-io, Processing IO Toolkit

7.commons-beanutils used to handle the reflection of JavaBean class, introspective toolkit

8.COMMONS-CODEC processing commonly used encryption code

9.commons-collections the encapsulation of various collection classes

10.PATCHCA Java Authentication Code class library

11.Commons Configuration Java configuration file Management class

12.CGLib Java Dynamic proxy class library

13.Super CSV Java CSV format read-write class library

14.COM4J class Library using Java to invoke COM

15.util.concurrent Java Concurrent Development Package

16.Jsapar Java text File processing package

17.DREGEXP Regular Expression Class library

18.JEGG Java Multithreaded Development package

19.SmartPagination Paging data paging processing 20. DOM4J XML Parsing class

20.xml analysis of four modes dom,sax,jdom,dom4j

21.SLF4J log processing software package, the bottom can support log4j,commonlog,jdklog and so on.

22.Apache MINA TCP/IP communication non-blocking Framework, can achieve high-performance NIO communication mechanism.

23.JBossNetty provides an open source framework with 22,jboss for high concurrent connections.

24.httpclient Open Source framework for the implementation of HTTP protocol operations. Guice The IOC framework of an open source Java implementation, it is said that performance is higher than spring100 times, I hope you can verify.

26.CGLIB a dynamic proxy implementation framework, hibernate,spring and other framework of dynamic proxy implementation.

27.JBOSS JBPM Workflow engine Open source framework.

28.DROOLS Rule Engine Open source framework, business has Ilog (IBM owned).

29.JEGG is a framework for reducing the complexity of developing reliable multithreaded Java applications. Jegg is active object design mode.

30.IK expression is an open source (opensource), extensible (extensible), a lightweight (super lightweight) Formulation language parsing execution toolkit based on the Java language development.

IK Expression V2.0 is not dependent on any third party Java library. It is a simple jar that can be integrated into any Java application. This includes applications of Java EE applications (based on application servers), the application of java-based desktop applications, and Java Webstart methods.

IK expression was originally born to enhance the flexibility of the workflow engine, such as JBPM, for process configuration. Make it possible to change the execution logic condition as flexibly as the configuration period during the process run time. The extended IK expression can also be applied to dynamic condition configurations for a variety of conventional business systems, such as situations where graphical configuration applications are required, or scenarios that simulate formula operations for Excel spreadsheets.

31.DATE4J is a Java tool for simplifying date and time operations. You can replace Java.util.Date.

Java Third Party library ecosystem is a very broad category.

Unit Test


Dbunit is a database testing framework based on JUnit extensions. It provides a large number of classes to abstract and encapsulate database-related operations.


Mockito is a mocking framework for Java. You can use the concise API to write a beautiful test.

3.Hamcrest Matchers (

Hamcrest is a test aid tool that provides a common set of matching characters Matcher and uses the rules defined by these matches flexibly, so that programmers can express their test ideas more accurately and specify the test conditions they want to set.

JUNIT4 combines hamcrest to provide a new assertion statement-assertthat, just a assertthat statement, combined with the match provided by Hamcrest, can express all the test ideas.

Apache Commons

4.Configuration (

This tool is designed to help with configuration files and supports a wide variety of storage methods


Dbutils can make database operations a single package, simplifying database operations.


Can be seen as an extension of the It provides the ability to read files, and some of the methods used, similar to dbutils.


If you're going to ask me which library I have on this list, I'll tell you whether it's Lang or Google collections. Lang can be seen as an extension of java.lang, providing tools such as StringUtils, Stringescapeutils, Randomstringutils, Tokenizer, and Wordutils.


SLF4J is a simple, unified interface for a variety of loging APIs, enabling end users to configure their desired loging APIs at deployment time. SLF4J are similar to Apache common-logging and log4j, but slf4j are superior to them.

9.Google Collections

The Java Collection Framework is one of the most frequently used parts of the Java class Library, and the Google Collections Library is a new Java set framework developed by Google based on the Java5.0 collections framework, Provides APIs for advanced collection operations.


C3P0 is an open source JDBC connection pool that is distributed along with Hibernate, located in the Lib directory. Includes DataSources objects for the connection and statement pools that implement JDBC3 and JDBC2 extension specification descriptions.

11.Joda time

Joda time is a powerful and easy-to-use date and times library that can completely replace the Jdkdate and calendar classes.

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