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1. Background:Using Jenkins as a version iteration, each time an update needs to be released, you need to click Build to click on the corresponding item in Jenkins to publish it, and it takes too long to get out of the way. So look for ways to be lazy. Using Webhook can solve this problem very well.
What is 2.webhook?Webhook allows third-party apps to listen for specific events on the, notifying them via an HTTP POST (timeout of 5 seconds) to third-party apps for the specified Web URL when these events occur. For example, the project has a new content Push, or the Merge Request has an update. WebHook can be used for automatic deployment, automatic testing, automatic packaging, monitoring project changes and so on.

3. Raw MaterialsJenkins
Coding (Coding-code managed project management Webide Enterprise Services)
4. Preparatory workFirst make sure that you have the coding Webhook Plugin plugin installed on your Jenkins. If you do not click on the homepage of the System Management---> Management plug-in search coding Webhook Plugin Check the download.

5. Create a new itemSee my other blog for details Jenkins Continuous integration software version release
6. Configure Automatic Deployment Configuration of 6.1 Jenkins:

Click on the item you created, click Configure, and go to the project configuration page. If you successfully installed the coding Webhook Plugin plugin, you will have the following options in the Build Trigger column, as shown below:

6.2 Coding on the configuration login to your coding account (administrator), click on the project settings you need to deploy, webhook-> new Webhook

The screenshot above shows that the URL in the screenshot below is the link behind the Webhook address on the Webhook token in the 6.1 diagram.

Deployment is complete,

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