Jforum Forum installation and deployment under GlassFish

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1. To the Www.jforum.net download forum installation files, and to http://www.mysql.com/downloaded MySQL, its installation process is relatively simple, here is not redundant.

2. Extract the Jforum files and put them under Glassfish/domains/domain1/applications/j2ee-modules.

3. Configure the database type for the forum, open web-inf/config/ The systemglobals.properties file chooses different values according to the type of your database to change the Database.driver.name value to the type of your database, and the respective types and values are as follows:

Database Type value


PostgreSQL PostgreSQL


Oracle Oracle

Note: The value here is all lowercase.

4. Configure the connection mode, you can configure according to the actual requirements. The type and value of the connection pool whose properties are database.connection.implementation are as follows:

Connection Pool Type value

Pooled Connections Net.jforum.PooledConnection

Simple Connections Net.jforum.SimpleConnection

DataSource Connections Net.jforum.DataSourceConnection

Note: The default configuration of the forum is to use the connection pool which is the first way.

5. Configure database connection information, If you chose net.jforum.DataSourceConnection in the previous step, you need to fill in the relevant information in the Database.datasource.name, and skip this step, I choose the default configuration, so I need to continue this step of the configuration. web-inf/config/database/<dbname>/Open the <dbname>.properties file, where <DBNAME> is the name of your database, modify the entry according to the item below.

Entry value

Database.connection.username Database user Name

Database.connection.password Database user Password

Database.connection.host Database address (default is localhost)

DBName the name of the database to be prepared for the forum

Note: Although here the official website of DBName said is the default is Jforum, but the file is written in jforum_tests, so you can change according to your needs to the appropriate name, recommended to Jforum (personal opinion).

6. Create DATABASE and database tables for the forum. Open MySQL, and at the command prompt, enter the following information:

Create Database Jforum;

Use Jforum;

At the same time, find <dbname>_db_ under Web-inf/config/database/<dbname>. Struct.sql the file, copy it and paste it into the MySQL command prompt so that our database tables are all set up.

7. Set the initial value for the forum, find <dbname>_data_dump.sql under Web-inf/config/database/<dbname>, copy and run under MySQL command prompt line. So that all of our databases have an initial value.

According to the steps above, we can configure our forum deployment environment, we can deploy this application on the GlassFish can access our forum, it should be noted that the forum's default port is 8080, If your GlassFish HTTP service is not on this port it will cause emoticons to appear when you post, because emoticons refer to an absolute address, not a relative address, We need to enter the forum with the administrator as the default GlassFish port, at the same time under the GlassFish redeploy this application can be.

If you have any questions you can email me, email address is hang.chen@sun.com, of course, you can access the following address. http://www.jforum.net/install_no_wizard.jsp


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