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Often have stationmaster ask jiangping in, my website is not be K, my website how collects reduce, my website how rank drops ... And so on. So why does that lead to these problems? In fact, we are in the operation of SEO, we must avoid some will be search engines think spam, search engine show will be through the following several methods to determine whether the site is spam:

(1) Number of links to domain name and IP address

This approach is generally to query whether the Web site specifically provides link services to the page. If this page exports too many links, the search engine may decide that the site is spam. Of course, navigation sites are not the only. such as search engines on hao123, 265, DMOZ and other sites will have their own different algorithms and coping styles.

Coping methods: When making links to special attention, do not in the site has been penalized to provide export links, nor in a page more than too many external links.

(2) The judgment of keyword density

In fact, this keyword accumulation is very easy to be identified by the search engine as spam. Changping, for example, has recently done an experiment in a "Weight loss blog" Above added a lot of weight loss keywords, such as in the title, strokes, keywords and other places all add "weight loss recipes, weight loss mistakes, weight loss charts, weight loss drugs, exercise weight loss, abdominal weight loss, slimming weight loss, fast weight loss, lazy people to lose weight, Commonly used to lose weight "and other series of keywords, then the search engine is easily identified as spam, then the home page will not be included, and in the pages are not stacked on the contrary are included. General keyword density control under 7% best.

Coping method: It is most suitable to control the keyword of the page in 3%-7%.

(3) Analysis of page similarity

When the same domain name many pages are similar or exactly the same content, search engines will also be identified as the site belongs to spam. Of course, some webmaster inadvertently sent a number of the same article, once sent the article, today again sent again. Well, this may be the webmaster should pay attention to select the program when the best choice for those who publish duplicate title will be prompted by the CMS or blog system. For example: Dedecms will prompt when the content title repeats, Phpwind will be prompted when publishing the same content several times.

Coping method: Each page in the Web site should be unique content, do not have a page to access multiple addresses.

(4) appear the Netizen objectionable content or boast sex content

Correlations between keywords can be obtained from training spam samples and spam samples. The General page appears "free" or "ringtones download" can not be judged as spam, but if both "free" and "ringtones download" may be considered spam. For example, Lee for the introduction of the "SEO engineer", the registration Unit is China Electronic Commerce Association. Then, this SEO engineer certification is not the search engine officially launched, the search engine is likely to resent its introduction of the series of SEO certification training, then may also be identified spam. Also, some well-known station group software and well-known collectors have also been the suppression of search engines, because this is the search engine prohibited, such as: Knight Station Group and Madman collector and so on.

Coping methods: Avoid such as "Free Lottery", "Free Lottery", "SEO certification", "Free ringtones" and other netizens or search engine objectionable keywords.

(5) Establish spam blacklist

If a server IP or cheating domain name has been many times by the search engine records, then the search engine will directly put it into the blacklist or to be audited observation period of the library. Therefore, if friendship links with this kind of punishment when the chain of mutual responsibility will be associated. such as: Jiangping in the chivalrous Webmaster Station and the madman to collect the chain of organs, and later found its station was K-led master station is also down the right to deal with.

How to deal with: Before registering the domain name, query domain name has been registered before, punished. Select the server, query IP below whether there are domain names have been punished by search engines. Do not link with the spam of the site when friends chain.

(6) Message Comment trap

Originally set up some blog, and later opened the article comments and other functions. So when some of the automatic message program or junk outside the chain is recorded, then become a "trap", its own blog very likely will be down right. such as: Lou Blog Original PR5, and then opened the blog post message function, resulting in comments about 500-800 a day, followed by the full link with the content of the message, it is likely to leave some spam links, resulting in the weight of the blog to drop to PR3.

Coping method: If the website has blog system, message this function, pay attention to the content of the message, check whether the link has a garbage chain. If the garbage chain too much, can also consider key outside the chain of comments, only open content comments, of course, the results of doing a lot of SEO webmaster will no longer leave messages, blog popularity may be hit. This depends on the webmaster depending on popularity or weight, of course, the popularity of the blog weight must not be too bad.

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