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In the era of the smart phone, the IPhone, itouch users are also more and more, and mobile phone camera function has become a common function of people. And with the expansion of the North Drift clan, and the increase of overseas wanderer, distance gradually become a problem that can not be ignored, although communication facilities to ensure that you and your family at any time to communicate, but how to let the family at any time to see their own photos of the problem is not resolved, such as you in Beijing shopping malls fancy new clothes, want to let family staff officers, How do you send pictures?

QQ Video, QQ photo is a common choice, but this is limited by the hardware and network environment, more importantly, can not guarantee the family will be able to see the latest photos, then, there is a better way to solve it?

In the new version of the iphone Jinshan fast, the user's needs have been a very good solution, the real realization of the mobile phone photos, the computer immediately view the effect.

iphone camera computer instantly look

Jinshan Fast Disk iphone V2.0 version has been approved during the Spring festival in the App Store, this is the iphone version of the first official update for nearly 2 years, log in Jinshan fast disk iphone version, so that the user is a bright new interface, the individual appeared "cloud Camera" and "Cloud album" function icon.

In fact, this is the two simple and practical functions, a key to achieve thousands of miles away like the feeling, no matter what you get out of the picture of what the beautiful, no need to wait, the family on the computer can be synchronized appreciation.

First of all, the cloud camera features the use of steps.

Click to open the "cloud Camera" icon, appear the "Novice Guide" interface, click "Next", Cloud camera open, Jinshan fast will call the iphone with the camera for you to take photos, because Jinshan fast can automatically sync, so you just take photos, photos will be automatically uploaded to the fast Pan Yun album.

So parents in the home computer, through the fast disk can see you anywhere with mobile phone photos, your smiles can always share with the family.

Speaking of this, but also to say the iphone new version of the "Cloud album" feature.

Click "View Cloud Album" button, Into the "Novice Guide", click "Next", entered the fast Pan Yun album, which can see all the albums in Jinshan Fast, in which the photos taken by the cloud camera is stored separately in the "Cloud Camera album". Through the Cloud album, you can integrate to view the photos in the fast disk!

It is worth mentioning that, with the fast disk "cloud album" feature, users no longer need to pain through itunes to the iphone, can be directly through the computer, the photo into the fast disk, and then on the iphone to view.

So how does a family view your iphone photos on a computer?

In fact, it is also very simple, on the computer login to your fast disk, find a folder called "My Photos", click to enter, you will find a special "iphone album" folder, which is you through the iphone quick Pan Yun camera photos taken.

The iphone version of the fast disk really erased the North drift and family's heart distance, not only to allow family to look at their own beauty, but also with friends at any time to share happiness.

Some tips:

1, has mastered the use of cloud cameras, cloud albums and other new features of friends, you can enter the "Novice Guide" page when you click "No longer show guide", skip the use of guidance.

2, the new version of the iphone can also be installed on the itouch.

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