Jinwan Supervisor What is a database?

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The relational database has four notable features, namely security, integrity, concurrency, and monitoring. The security of the database is to ensure the security of the data in the database, to prevent unauthorized users from arbitrarily modifying the data in the database to ensure the security of the data. In most database management systems, the security of the database is ensured primarily through licensing. Jinwan Supervisor Buckle _892118 Integrity is an important feature of database, it is also an important mechanism to ensure data in database is effective, prevent mistakes and realize business rules. In the database, the difference between the stored data is useless garbage or valuable information, mainly based on the integrity of the database is sound. In SQL Server 7.0, the integrity of data is guaranteed by a series of logic that is divided into three areas, namely entity integrity, domain integrity, and referential integrity. Jinwan Supervisor Buckle _892118 to any system can say so, no monitoring, there is no optimization.

The security hardening system of the database is a comprehensive system which has both real-time firewall blocking and transparent database encryption in the database audit. Key features include detailed database audits, multi-factor authentication access control, risk assessment, automated modeling, sensitive data encryption, and comprehensive reporting. Value for customers:

Meet compliance requirements and quickly pass evaluations;

Streamline business rationale, encrypt core data, and improve data security management capabilities;

Perfect defense system in depth, improve the overall safety protection ability;

Reduce the risk of infringing core data assets and ensure business continuity.

Jinwan Supervisor Buckle _892118

Jinwan Supervisor What is a database?

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