Jme Software Development Resource Network (International Edition)

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Jme Software Development Resource Network

Author: Zhang guiquan
With the maturity and wide application of Java technology, jme (Java Micro Edition) has naturally become a popular tool for mobile phone or handheld device program development. I believe there must be a fan of jme technology like me in China. However, due to the lack of related technical resources in China (there are still a lot of resources, but they are all copyright, so we are powerless), the following are my favorite websites on jme technology, I hope to help you, whether you are a jme technology enthusiast, a developer, or a beginner or younger student.

1. j2gamer
This is a very commercial website related to jme technology. Here you can also learn a lot about jme mobile game development. This is the preferred website for learning jme game development. There are really a lot of learning resources.

It can be seen from the name that this is a forum for discussion of various aspects of the content of the j2_m3. it is not limited to 2me game development.

This is not a professional game development website, nor a jme Technology Forum, but a rich and colorful website. This is because you can learn a lot of information beyond game design (for example, only for recruitment), and comments from technical articles.

4. gamasutra
This is a website known as "art and science of game Manufacturing. There are many excellent articles on game development, as well as news, special articles, game training and other information.

5. Game Developer magazine
This is the official website of the famous Game Development Magazine "game developer Magazine" in the United States. There are some wonderful technical articles for your reference. It also tells you the good news that gamedeveloper is a partner of programmer magazine. This year they jointly launched a good game development magazine game creation. I feel pretty good, because there have been no related books in China. I have the opportunity to take a look. Maybe it will surprise you!

6. javaworld
Javaworld, as its name implies, is the world of Java. There are naturally many Java technical articles, some of which are jme. Very good. Some articles are very interesting. You can take a look at them when you are free.

Finally, let's talk about sun. Sun's swimming business is based on Java, but he does not do well in development tools, so it is a little inferior. But when talking about Java, jme, Jee, and other things related to Java, I have to mention him. After all, he launched an excellent programming language or technology such as Java. He is still working for the father of Java! There are a lot of technical articles that you can read!

So far, I have seen such websites better. Append it later! Hurry up and study. You have something to wait!

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