Jmeter ----- view the result tree

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When writing an Interface Test script, you need to debug and check whether the result is normal. In this case, you can use the view result tree component.

The result tree shows the results, request information, and response information of each sampleer. You can check the content to check whether the script has any problems.

1. view the result tree Interface

Shown as follows:


Ii. configuration instructions

1. Write all data to a file

(1. File Name: You can browse and select a file. In this way, all information is output to the file during execution.

Note: If you have previously saved log information, you can also view the result tree by opening it.

(2. log/display: Content output to the file

1) only -- only log error: indicates that only the log information with the error is output;

2) Only -- successes: indicates that only logs with normal responses are output;

---- If this option is not selected, all information is output.

3) Configure: configure the content to be output

2. Search: Enter the information you want to query in the input box and click search. You can query the information in the request list and add a red border to the queried data. For example


Click Reset to clear the red border on the data. For example:


3. Result tree


(1) set the display type of the result, request, and response data

(2) sampling result

Display the detailed results of the samplerger to view the content you need

You can switch between raw and parsed.

(3) Request

Display the detailed request content sent by the samplezer

(4) Response Data

Display the response content of the request

If the response data is too large, you can search for the desired information.



Jmeter ----- view the result tree

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