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I. Overview of SOLUTIONS

With the continuous deepening of enterprise informatization, the management of electronic files becomes a very urgent practical demand. How to manage the valuable files centrally, how to effectively control the access to the document, how to manage the relevance and version of the document has become a problem that these enterprises have to consider.

Function Description:

Joinhand Enterprise Document management System (Joinhand) is an enterprise-level distributed document management system based on Lotus Domino/notes platform.

Joinhand Enterprise Document management System is a useful tool to help enterprise users quickly deploy a Lotus domino/notes document management system. Joinhand Enterprise document management system mainly adopts C/S mode, which mainly takes into account the characteristics of enterprise Special document management. The main features of Joinhand Enterprise document management system are:

Distributed: Users can deploy Joinhand Enterprise document management systems on multiple Domino servers, even across regions.

Flexibility: Joinhand Enterprise Document management system for file management using a "file cabinet" approach, users can according to different classification criteria to create different cabinets.

Can manage the enterprise's controlled files: Enterprise controlled document management is very important, such as ISO documents, production processes, drawing formulations. Joinhand Enterprise Document management system can effectively prevent users from illegal copy and print operations.

Combined with Joinhand Workplace Enterprise Application Center, it can achieve more advanced document security control and ensure the security of electronic files.

The Joinhand Enterprise document management system achieves the real document lifecycle management. The life cycle of a document is not a simple approval process. In an enterprise, the complete lifecycle of a document should include the following phases:

Document author or a specified document draftsman

Document approval process

The document is issued and processed by the designated person or department after approval.

Document publishing objects execute files according to the content described in the file

If the file is inherited, the file may be revised

If the file is not continued to be used by the enterprise, it will be abolished

Files are archived whether they are older or revoked.

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