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1 /*2 the question of Joseph's ring is actually a circular list problem.3 */ 4#include <iostream>5#include <ctime>6 using namespacestd;7 8 //The idea of dynamic programming is somewhat similar to the idea of solving the main element problem.9 //clever use of 0,1 arrays instead of the deletion of linked list nodesTen intSUN1 (Const intNConst intC) One { A     intI=0, j=0, n=n,s=0; -     intt=0; -     int*a=New int[N]; the      for(i=0; i<n;i++) -     { -a[i]=1; -     } +      -      while(0!=N) +     { AS+=A[J];//the preceding numbers add up to a number of C out of each at         if(c==s) -         { -a[j]=0; -s=0;//to clear 0 ---N; -             if(0!=N) incout<<j+1<<" -";//S[j] Actually corresponds to the first j+1 personal -             Else to             { +cout<<j+1<<Endl; -t=j+1; the             } *                  $         }Panax Notoginseng         //j= (j+1)%N;//circular queue, handled very cleverly here -J= (j==n-1)?0: j+1; the     } +     Delete[]a; A     returnT; the      + } - /* $ a recursive approach $ n=1,winner=0; - n=i,winner= (Winner (0) +c)%i; - winner +=1; the */ - intSun2 (Const intNConst intC)Wuyi { the     intf=0; -      for(intI=2; i<=n;i++) Wu     { -f= (f+c)%i; About     } $     returnf+1; - } - /*Circular link List*/  - intSUN3 (Const intNConst intC) A { +     structnode the     { -         intnum; $Node *Next; theNodeConst inti) the         { thenum=i; thenext=NULL; -         } in     }; the     //Initialize the list of links theNode *first=NULL; AboutNode *opp=First ; the      for(intI=1; i<=n;i++) the     { theNode *t=Newnode (i); +         if(first==NULL) -first=T; the         ElseBayiopp->next=T; theopp=T; the     } -      -opp->next=First ; the     intWinner=0; theopp=First ; the      while(true) the     {     -          for(intI=2; i<=c-1; i++)//notice here that the parent node of the dequeue node is found theOpp=opp->Next; theNode *temp=opp->Next; theCout<<temp->num;94         if(opp!=temp) the         { thecout<<" -"; the             //Delete a node98Opp->next=temp->Next; AboutOpp=opp->Next; -             Deletetemp;101         }102         Else103         {104Winner=temp->num; thecout<<"\ n"; 106             Deleteopp;107              Break;108         }109     } the     returnwinner;111          the }113      the      the  the intMain ()117 {118Ios::sync_with_stdio (false);119     intn=0, c=0; -cout<<"Please enter the number of people:n=";121Cin>>N;122cout<<"Please enter:c=";123Cin>>C;124cout<<"winner is"&LT;&LT;SUN1 (n,c) <<Endl; theclock_t end1=clock ();126cout<<"winner is"<<sun2 (n,c) <<Endl;127clock_t end2=clock (); -cout<< (END2-END1)/float(CLOCKS_PER_SEC) <<"seconds"<<Endl;129cout<<"winner is"<<sun3 (n,c) <<Endl; the     return 0;131}

Joseph Ring Question

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