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I used to use that (eyecon.ro) function is complete and simple, but not in line with the above requirements, so Google the N, the results did not find a ready-made jquery color picker plug-ins to support the following features:

Easy to use, only display the commonly used color blocks for the user to choose, and provide an input box to facilitate user input custom color values
So I wrote icolor this plugin, in addition to supporting the above requirements, there are some other features are as follows:
1, the default color value provided is "commonly used browser-safe color values." This is equivalent to consolidating the following last prototype version of the Color picker. For browser-safe color values, refer to the wiki document Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_colors
2, users can customize common color values. This is equivalent to consolidating the 7th color selector in the following picture.
3, users can set whether to display color input box, confirm button
4,inline mode and Popup mode.
5, lightweight, compliant XHTML, CSS2 standard. Size is only 5KB. Style is separated from behavior.

One, Jquery.icolor plug-in sample

Official address: Http://plugins.jquery.com/project/icolor

Example here, http://demo.jb51.net/js/icolor/index.html

Package Download Address http://www.jb51.net/jiaoben/32533.html

Second, the Internet popular color Picker JS component

1, native JS

    • DHTML Color picker from free-color-picker.com

    • Jscolor

2,jquery Plugin

    • farbtastic Color Picker Plug-in

    • Color Picker by eyecon.ro

    • Normal Color Picker by www.felecan.com

    • jQuery Color Picker by Syronex

3,mootools Plugin

Moo Rainbow

4,prototype Plugin

    • Color Picker by John Dyer

    • Prototype Color Picker by Myles Eftos

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