Jq/zepto source code analysis for beginners 05, jqzepto

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Jq/zepto source code analysis for beginners 05, jqzepto

Zepto prototype $. fn attributes:

Constructor // Number of constructor rows
ForEach: emptyArray. forEach, // All are native array Functions
Reduce: emptyArray. reduce,
Push: emptyArray. push,
Sort: emptyArray. sort,
Splice: emptyArray. splice,
IndexOf: emptyArray. indexOf,


Concat // merged array, which also contains a set of merged nodes
Add // add Node Set
Is // match whether the selector is included
      find: function(selector){                var result, $this = this                if (!selector) result = $()                else if (typeof selector == 'object')                    result = $(selector).filter(function(){                        var node = this                        return emptyArray.some.call($this, function(parent){                            return $.contains(parent, node)                        })                    })                else if (this.length == 1) result = $(zepto.qsa(this[0], selector))                else result = this.map(function(){ return zepto.qsa(this, selector) })                return result            },


EmptyArray. some () http://www.cnblogs.com/jiebba/p/6514067.html can look at several js traversal different

Pluck returns the node set based on its attributes.
// Set the width and height. ['width', 'height']. forEach (function (dimension) {var dimensionProperty = dimension. replace (/. /, function (m) {return m [0]. toUpperCase ()}) $. fn [dimension] = function (value) {var offset, el = this [0] if (value = undefined) return isWindow (el )? El ['inner '+ dimensionProperty]: isDocument (el )? El.doc umentElement ['scroll '+ dimensionProperty]: (offset = this. offset () & offset [dimension] else return this. each (function (idx) {el = $ (this) el.css (dimension, funcArg (this, value, idx, el [dimension] ()})


// Add functions 'after', 'prepend', 'before', 'append ',

adjacencyOperators.forEach(function(operator, operatorIndex) { var inside = operatorIndex % 2 //=> prepend, append $.fn[operator] = function(){ // arguments can be nodes, arrays of nodes, Zepto objects and HTML strings var argType, nodes = $.map(arguments, function(arg) { var arr = []


 zepto.Z.prototype = Z.prototype = $.fn


Bind to the prototype

Window. Zepto = Zepto window. $ == undefined & (window. $ = Zepto) // bind to global


The code is for reference only. The specific functions can be expanded by yourself.


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