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Js operation Cookie Summary (set, read, and delete), which is often used at work! Below is the detailed code. If there is an error, please leave a message to correct it!

/** Function: Set the required Cookie * cookieName, the required cookie name * cookieValue, And the cookie value * seconds survival time. Optional. Unit: seconds; the default time is 3600 seconds * path cookie storage path, which can be * domain cookie domain, optional * secure security, specifying whether the Cookie can only be accessed through https, general cookies can be accessed using the HTTP protocol. If Secure (no value) is set, the Cookie can be accessed by the page only when the https protocol is used for connection */function setCookie (cookieName, cookieValue, seconds, path, domain, secure) {var expires = new Date (); var seconds = arguments [2]? Arguments [2]: 3600; expires. setTime (expires. getTime () + seconds * 1000); document. cookie = escape (cookieName) + '=' + escape (cookieValue) + (expires? '; Expires =' + expires. toGMTString (): '') + (path? '; Path =' + path: '/') + (domain? '; Domain =' + domain: '') + (secure? '; Secure': '');}/** function: required for obtaining Cookie * name, cookie name */function getCookie (name) {var cookie_start = document. cookie. indexOf (name); var cookie_end = document. cookie. indexOf (";", cookie_start); return cookie_start =-1? '': Unescape (document. cookie. substring (cookie_start + name. length + 1, (cookie_end> cookie_start? Cookie_end: document. cookie. length);}/** function: Required to delete or clear a Cookie * name. cookie name */function delCookie (name, value) {var value = arguments [1]? Arguments [1]: null; var exp = new Date (); exp. setTime (exp. getTime ()-1); var val = getCookie (name); if (val! = Null) {document. cookie = name + '=' + value + '; expires =' + exp. toGMTString ();}}
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