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JavaScript is a script that runs on the client, so it is generally not possible to set a session because the session is run on the server side.

Cookies are run on the client, so you can use JS to set cookies.

Suppose there is a case in which, in a use-case process, from a page to the B page, if the a page using JS variable temp saved a variable of the value, in the B page, the same need to use JS to reference the TEMP variable value, for JS global variable or static variable life cycle is limited, When a page jump occurs or the page closes, the values of these variables are loaded back in, that is, the saved effect is not reached. The best solution to this problem is to use cookies to save the value of the variable, so how do you set and read cookies?

First you need to know a little bit about the structure of the cookie, simply put: The cookie is stored as a key-value pair, i.e., the key=value format. Each cookie is generally ";" Separated.

JS Set Cookies:

Assuming that the value of the variable username ("Jack") in the page A is stored in the cookie, the key value is name, the corresponding JS code is:

copy code code as follows:

document.cookie= "Name=" +username;

JS Read cookies:

Suppose the content stored in the cookie is: name=jack;password=123

The JS code to get the value of the variable username in page B is as follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 var username=document.cookie.split (";") [0].split ("=") [1]; JS Operation Cookie Method! Write cookies function Setcookie (name,value) {var days = = var exp = new Date (); Exp.settime (Exp.gettime () + days*24*60*60 *1000); Document.cookie = name + "=" + Escape (value) + "expires=" + exp.togmtstring (); }

Read cookies

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 function GetCookie (name) {var arr,reg=new RegExp ("(^|)" +name+ "= ([^;] *)(;|$)"); if (Arr=document.cookie.match (reg)) return unescape (arr[2]); else return null; }

Delete Cookies

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