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JavaScript Object Notation (JavaScript objects notation)
JSON is the syntax for storing and exchanging text information. Like XML
JSON is smaller, faster, and easier to parse than XML

JSON is a lightweight text data interchange Format


  sites": [
      "name": "Rookie Tutorial",
      "url": "Www.runoob.com"
      "name": "Google",
      "url ': ' www.google.com '
      ' name ': ' Microblogging ',
      ' url ': ' www.weibo.com '}

The Sites object is an array containing 3 site records (objects)

JSON syntax rule data in a name/value pair The data is separated by commas the braces save the array in parentheses

JSON name/value pair

"Field name": "Value"

JSON value numeric (integer or floating-point) string (in double quotes) the logical value (TRUE or FALSE) an array (in brackets) object (in curly braces) null

Faster ability to read and write with XML differences without ending tags use the built-in JavaScript eval () method use arrays do not use reserved words

JSON Tools
JSON Online Editor: http://www.bejson.com/jsoneditoronline/
JSON compression, conversion xml:http://www.json.cn/
JSON formatting, escaping: http://www.bejson.com/jsonviewernew/

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