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Tags i18n locale time and date

Used to write internationalized Web programs
taglib:<%@ taglib uri= "http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/fmt" prefix= "FMT"%>

1, <fmt:setLocale>
Used to set the local language of the user and save the specified locale to the javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.fmt.local configuration variable
Config.find (Pagecontext,config.fmt_locale) can get LOCALE properties
<fmt:setlocale value= "locale" variant= "Variant" scope= "Page|request|session|application"/>
Variant: Vendor or browser code win, MAX, POSIX
Generally placed at the top of the page, other tags can be obtained by Servletrequest.getlocale () locale
<fmt:setlocale value= "en"/>
<fmt:setlocale value= "Zh_cn"/>

2, <fmt:bundle>
Create the i18n local context environment for which the label body is used
<fmt:bundle basename= "basename" prefix= "prefix" >
BaseName: Name of resource bundle
Prefix: Specifies the prefix to add before the <fmt:message> label's message key

3, <fmt:setBundle>
Create a i18n local context and save it to a range variable or javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.fmt.localizationContext configuration variable
<fmt:setbundle basename= "basename" var= "varname" scope= ""/>
BaseName: Base name of resource bundle
var: the name of the saved local context range variable that was exported, the type is Javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.fmt.localizationContext

4, <fmt:message>
Finds the value of a specified key from the resource bundle to display localized information
<fmt:message key= "key" bundle= "ResourceBundle" var= "VarName" scope= ""/>
<fmt:message key= "key" bundle= "ResourceBundle" var= "VarName" "scope=" ">
<fmt:message bundle= "ResourceBundle" var= "VarName" scope= ""/>

5, <fmt:param>
Provide a parameter for <fmt:message> use
<fmt:param value= "Messageparameter"/>
Body Content
Can be used to replace parameters in a message

6, <fmt:requeatEncoding>
Set the character encoding of the request
<fmt:requestencoding value= "CharsetName"/>
==request.setcharacterencoding ();

Format label

1, <fmt:timeZone>
Specifies the time zone in which the body of the label will be formatted or parsed at this time zone
<fmt:timezone value= "TimeZone"/>
Body Content
Value:string or TimeZone.

2, <fmt:setTimeZone>
Specify the time zone and save it to a range variable, or to a javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.fmt.timeZone configuration variable
<fmt:settimezone value= "TimeZone" var= "VarName" scope= ""/>
If no Var is implemented, the time zone is saved to the Javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.fmt.timeZone configuration variable.

Format numeric values as numbers, currencies, percentages, by region or custom

<fmt:formatnumber value= "value" type= "Number|currency|percent" pattern= "Custompattern"
  Currencycode= "code" currencysymbol= "symbol" groupingused= "True|false" maxintegerdigits= "Max"
  minintegerdigits= "min" maxfractiondigits= "Max" minfractiondigits= "Min" var= "VarName" "scope="/>
<fmt: FormatNumber type= "number|currency|percent" pattern= "Custompattern"
 currencycode= "code" currencySymbol= " Symbol "groupingused=" True|false "maxintegerdigits=" Max "
 minintegerdigits=" min "maxfractiondigits=" Max " minfractiondigits= "min" var= "VarName" scope= ""
pattern:string A custom formatted style that is superior to the Type,java.text.decimalformat
currencycode:string ISO 4271 Currency code for formatting currencies
Currencysymbol:string Currency symbol
Groupingused: whether to include the delimiter for grouping, default true
Maxintegerdigits: The maximum number of digits in the integer portion of the formatted output

Converts a formatted string of data, currency, or percentage to a numeric type, as opposed to <fmt:formatNumber>
<fmt:parsenmber value= "value" type "number|currency|percent" pattern= "pattern"
parselocale= "locale" integeronly= "True|false" var= "VarName" scope= ""/>
<fmt:parsenumber type "number|currency|percent" pattern= "pattern"
parselocale= "locale" integeronly= "True|false" var= "VarName" "scope=" ">
Parselocal:string or Locale
integeronly: Resolves only integer parts of numeric values, default False

Format time and dates according to locale or custom format
<fmt:formatedate value= "value" type= "Date|time|both" datestyle= "Default|short|medium|long|full"
Timestyle= "Default|short|medium|long|full" pattern= "pattern"
Timezone= "zone" var= "VarName" scope= ""/>
Pattern:string custom time and date styles must be derived from Java.text.SimpleDateFormat, and once specified, Type,datestyle,timestyle will be ignored

Converts the time and date of a formatted string to a date type
<fmt:parsedate value= "value" type= "Time|date|both" datestyle= "" timestyle= "" pattern= ""
Timezone= "parselocale=" Locale "var=" "scope=" "/>"
<fmt:parsedate type= "Time|date|both" datestyle= "timestyle=" "pattern=" "
Timezone= "parselocale=" Locale "var=" "scope=" ">

<%@ taglib prefix= "FMT" uri= "Http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/fmt"%>

<title>jstl:formatting/i18n Support--Italian Locale example</title>
<body bgcolor= "#FFFFFF" >

<fmt:setlocale value= "It_it"/>
<fmt:setbundle basename= "org.apache.taglibs.standard.examples.i18n.Resources" var= "Itbundle" scope= "page"/>
<fmt:message key= "greetingmorning" bundle= "${itbundle}"/>


<fmt:setlocale value= "de"/>
<fmt:bundle basename= "Org.apache.taglibs.standard.examples.i18n.Resources" >

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