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General-purpose Machine Learning

Machinelearning-julia Machine Learning Library
Mlbase-a set of functions to support development of machine learning
PGM-A Julia Framework for probabilistic graphical models.
Da-julia Package for regularized-discriminant analysis
Regression-algorithms for regression analysis (e.g. linear regression and logistic regression)
Local regression-local regression, so smooooth!
Naive bayes-simple Naive Bayes implementation in Julia
Mixed models-a Julia Package for fitting (statistical) Mixed-effects Models
Simple Mcmc-basic MCMC Sampler implemented in Julia
Distance-julia Module for Distance evaluation
Decision tree-decision tree classifier and regressor
Neural-a Neural Network in Julia
MCMC-MCMC Tools for Julia
Mamba-markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) for Bayesian analysis in Julia
Glm-generalized linear models in Julia
Online Learning
Glmnet-julia wrapper for fitting lasso/elasticnet GLM models using glmnet
Clustering-basic functions for clustering Data:k-means, Dp-means, etc.
SVM-SVM ' s for Julia
Kernal density-kernel density estimators for Julia
dimensionality Reduction-methods for dimensionality reduction
Nmf-a Julia package for non-negative matrix factorization
Ann-julia Artificial Neural Networks
Mocha-deep Learning framework for Julia inspired by Caffe
Xgboost-extreme gradient boosting Package in Julia
Manifoldlearning-a Julia Package for manifold learning and nonlinear dimensionality
Mxnet-lightweight, Portable, flexible distributed/mobile Deep Learning with Dynamic, Mutation-aware dataflow Dep Schedul Er For Python, R, Julia, go, Javascript and more.
Merlin-flexible Deep Learning Framework in Julia
Rocanalysis-receiver operating characteristics and functions for evaluation probabilistic binary classifiers
Gaussianmixtures-large scale Gaussian Mixture Models
Scikitlearn-julia implementation of the Scikit-learn API
Knet-koçuniversity Deep Learning Framework

Natural Language Processing

Topic Models-topicmodels for Julia
Text Analysis-julia package for-text analysis

Data Analysis/data Visualization

Graph layout-graph Layout algorithms in pure Julia
Lightgraphs-graph Modeling and Analysis
Data Frames meta-metaprogramming Tools for Dataframes
Julia Data-library for working with tabular Data in Julia
Data read-read files from Stata, SAS, and SPSS
Hypothesis Tests-hypothesis Tests for Julia
Gadfly-crafty statistical graphics for Julia.
Stats-statistical Tests for Julia
Rdatasets-julia package for loading many of the data sets available in R
Dataframes-library for working with tabular data in Julia
Distributions-a Julia package for probability distributions and associated functions.
Data Arrays-data structures that allow missing values
Time Series-time Series Toolkit for Julia
Sampling-basic Sampling algorithms for Julia

Misc stuff/presentations

Dsp-digital Signal processing (filtering, periodograms, spectrograms, window functions).
Juliacon presentations-presentations for Juliacon
signalprocessing-signal processing tools for Julia
Im Ages-an Image Library for Julia

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