July Global Operating System market share war: Win7 share over 51%

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IDC Review Network (idcps.com) August 28: According to the latest data from market research firm NET applications, the dominance of windows in the global operating system market in July is still no match. And a closer look at the version of the rankings, Windows also has 4 versions of the world's top 4. Among them, Windows 7 share reached 51.22%, justified replace XP, become "lead". Next, take a look at the IDC Review Network for a detailed analysis of the data.

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(Fig. 1) July operating system market share map <?xml:namespace prefix= "O" >


As shown in 1, Windows ranked 1th in the global operating system market in July, with a 91.68% per cent share, up 0.15% in the month. and Mac OS X ranked 2nd, with a smaller share to 6.64%. followed by Linux, the share was eaten up, for 1.68%.

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(Fig. 2) 2014 the first half of the global operating system version share trend chart

According to the 2,IDC commentary network, Windows 7 and Windows XP have maintained this trend for almost half a year (February 2014 to July). In July, the share of Windows 7 increased to 51.22%, down 0.67%. It is visible that Windows 7 has occupied half the world's market, and the growth trend continues. In contrast, the former overlord Windows XP, its share fell to 24.82%, the last month, the decline of 0.49%.

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(Fig. 3) July Global operating system version market share TOP10

Looking at Figure 3, you can see that in July, the top ten global operating system version of the market share, Windows has 5 versions into the list, and swept the first 4. and Mac OS X scores are also good, a total of 4 versions into the list, the best results are ranked 5th. Linux alone is ranked in 7th place. In summary, the overall ranking situation compared with last month, no change.

July Global Operating System market share war: Win7 share over 51%

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