Just 2 minutes to see a cold fable that lets you penetrate the truth

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A wonderful fable about the Internet Economy (2)

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Pony graduated from university and couldn't find a suitable job.

As a matter of the family, he was assigned to a non-popular tourist attraction. Pony's job is very important, to the scenic area of all the less harmonious behavior of effective control and management. The popular point is that--security.

How hot is this spot? Because it is in a non-tourist city's sake, this is not the slightest attraction to the local classic, if using Baidu's scenic thermal map to detect, in the most prosperous season, there are not many people use Baidu map to search and search.

Plainly, go to this spot to play, will not traffic jams, also do not have to consider Rob parking spaces.

Because the scenic business is not good, so the scenic area has a special policy, so that employees can contract a scenic service, earn money even if it is a bonus. And there is no background of the pony, you can only choose to pick the rest of the car wash and parking business, contracted. As for the leaders of relatives, friends, mistress and so on, do not spend the cost of the park in the banxinbujiu of those rides, electricity, public power, maintenance of public management, make money 28 open, scenic 2.

Of course, because the scenic business is not good, tourists are not much, we still have tight. And the scenic area is open to the public free of charge, so to the scenic stroll exercise a lot of people, can not have a few cars, there is also bicycles. Pony also natural business is deserted, no what lucrative.

What do we do? Pony thought of a recruit, although not popular attractions, but in the area at the door of the parking lot in a big business over the edge, this super although very prosperous, but the planning is not very good, parking is always not enough. But in accordance with the provisions of the scenic area, here can not become super public parking, even if it is not paid, can only stop and scenic business-related vehicles.

The rules are dead, and the people are alive. The pony started the brain, in the parking lot tree a brand-10 yuan car wash, free parking. As to whether to go to the business super shopping or to the scenic stroll, pony, according to regulations, car wash is already the area of business.

All of a sudden business, many people to shop, just can't find a parking space, also on the way to wash the car. Can solve the problem of the day, still no business at night. After all, the evening business super-closed early, and open-air parking is not bright, can not wash the car.

The pony began to brain. This is not, there is a well-played scenic staff, contracted business is a small theater in the scenic area, only some over the copyright protection period, also at the same time too long old movies, no one looked at all. Usually rely on those who fool old people buy health care activities, earn a bit of rent, the days are very sad. Pony and friends in total, parking is not business at night, instead of making a car theater it-for couples. They are not very picky about the film, mainly to a point of sentiment. Then unite the scenic area contracted small shop person, provides the point popcorn, melon seeds and so on snack, the beverage is good.

Then go to the local forum to send a film trailer, carefree matter, business thieves good ...

And then what? Earn a little money of the scenic staff, thinking began to move up, or we put this pattern in other places to try? Or do we make an app that specifically publishes information about the parking spaces we have in the car park and the video of the parking lot in the evenings?

A set-off application for local parking and car movie screenings. Although the scenic area itself is still not good business.

This is actually a microcosm of the. is also the purchase and the situation before and after a microcosm. (Excerpt from "Pathfinder-Internet + ERA Industry Transformation Revolution", Zhang Shule: zsl13973399819)

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Just 2 minutes to see a cold fable that lets you penetrate the truth

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