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First, we recommend you read this webpage.
No matter whether you use Python or not, what have you found after reading it step by step?
In my opinion, this website tells you not how to build a good high-load web sites, but how to think about the problem.
Sometimes, we want to make things perfect at the very beginning. The most obvious example is my beginner. net, we will always consider how to optimize the performance... but in fact, a good solution is always generated in a loop like "discovering problems-solving problems. things will never be perfect at the beginning. What we need is to do it.
Therefore, please do not consider so many unknown issues. Let's move forward.
"The road is long, and I will try again and again" just do it

Original article: http://hi.baidu.com/newtype/blog/item/92712eddf6f793da8c102979.html

Playing the original article address is really a joke. Now I am going to gogole to search for something related to pythn, such as karrigell, such as web. py.ArticleBut the address is not my address-_-although such a thing is common, I can not say anything, but my heart is always a bit uncomfortable. so I transferred myself an article and wrote the source, which is a comfort for myself.

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