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After watching the struts video, we went intoAfter learning about hibernate, I wrote a few examples and found that this framework is really easy to use.

Its advantages and disadvantages:

1. A special advantage of Hibernate is to simplify database operations and allow you to access the database content in the form of objects. For example, we usually need to select the required information for finding user information, through hibernate, we can view the user information as an object, through user. getname () or user. GETID () and other operations to get what we want. This completely unifies the non-oo operations on databases in the upper-layer Java or C # And Other object-oriented languages.

2. Hibernate is a framework closely related to JDBC. It completely encapsulates JDBC and writes a lot less at once.CodeTo improve productivity.

3. It is an independent object persistence layer framework that can be used in any JDBC application, such as Java applications.ProgramDatabase access code, Dao interface implementation class. This makes development more object-oriented (impedance mismatch) and portable, non-invasive, and supports transparent persistence.

4. statements that use database features are difficult to optimize due to high encapsulation. At the same time, it also has problems with large volumes of data updates.

continue to learn more and look forward to the wonderful content...

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