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PHP's Ming Library is used to generate flash! Although the modules are experimental in nature, they are more interesting.
A big table, very interesting, give a person a feeling in the 8g.
    • Sapi/php4activescript.dll (Php5activescript.dll) -ActiveScript engine, allowing to embed PHP in your Windows Applications.

    • Sapi/php4apache.dll (Php5apache.dll) -Apache 1.3.x module.

    • Sapi/php4apache2.dll (Php5apache2.dll) -Apache 2.0.x module.

    • Sapi/php4isapi.dll (Php5isapi.dll) -ISAPI Module for ISAPI compliant Web servers like IIS 4.0/PWS 4.0 or newer.

    • Sapi/php4nsapi.dll (Php5nsapi.dll) -sun/iplanet/netscape server module.

    • Sapi/php4pi3web.dll (no equivalent in PHP 5) -Pi3web server module.

Table 6-1. PHP Extensions Library

Extensions Library Description Annotations
Php_bz2.dll BZIP2 Compression Function Library No
Php_calendar.dll Calendar Conversion Function Library Built-in from PHP 4.0.3
Php_cpdf.dll ClibPDF Function Library No
Php_crack.dll Password cracking function library No
Php_ctype.dll CType Family Function Library built-in from PHP 4.3.0
Php_curl.dll CURL, client URL library function library Required:libeay32.dll,ssleay32.dll(included)
Php_cybercash.dll Network Cash payment Function library PHP <= 4.2.0
Php_db.dll DBM function Library has been discarded. Replace with DBA (php_dba.dll)
Php_dba.dll DBA: Database (dbm style) abstract layer function library No
Php_dbase.dll DBase function Library No
Php_dbx.dll DBX function Library
Php_domxml.dll DOM XML Function Library PHP <= 4.2.0 Required:libxml2.dll(shipped), PHP >= 4.3.0 required:iconv.dll(shipped)
Php_dotnet.dll . NET Function Library PHP <= 4.1.1
Php_exif.dll EXIF function Library Need Php_mbstring.dll. And in php.ini ,Php_exif.dll must be in Php_mbstring.dll之后加载。
Php_fbsql.dll Frontbase function Library PHP <= 4.2.0
Php_fdf.dll FDF: Form data Format Function library Required:Fdftk.dll(included)
Php_filepro.dll Filepro function Library Read-only access
Php_ftp.dll FTP function Library Built-in from PHP 4.0.3
Php_gd.dll GD Library image function library deleted in the PHP 4.3.2. In addition, note that in the GD1 can not use the true Color function, with php_gd2.dll substitution.
Php_gd2.dll GD Library image function library GD2
Php_gettext.dll Gettext function Library PHP <= 4.2.0 need Gnu_gettext.dll(shipped), PHP >= 4.2.3 need libintl-1.dll,iconv.dll(shipped).
Php_hyperwave.dll Hyperwave function Library No
Php_iconv.dll ICONV Character Set conversion Required:iconv-1.3.dll(shipped), PHP >=4.2.1 need Iconv.dll
Php_ifx.dll Informix function Library Required: Informix Library
Php_iisfunc.dll IIS Admin Functions Library No
Php_imap.dll IMAP,POP3 and NNTP function libraries No
Php_ingres.dll Ingres II Function Library Required: Ingres II Library
Php_interbase.dll InterBase functions Required:Gds32.dll(included)
Php_java.dll Java function Library PHP <= 4.0.6 Required:jvm.dll(shipped)
Php_ldap.dll LDAP function Library PHP <= 4.2.0 need Libsasl.dll(shipped), PHP >= 4.3.0 need libeay32.dll,ssleay32.dll(shipped)
Php_mbstring.dll Multi-byte string function library No
Php_mcrypt.dll Mcrypt Encryption Function Library Required:Libmcrypt.dll
Php_mhash.dll Mhash function Library PHP >= 4.3.0 Required:libmhash.dll(shipped)
Php_mime_magic.dll MimeType function Library Required:magic.mime(included)
Php_ming.dll Ming function library (Flash) No
Php_msql.dll mSQL function Library Required:Msql.dll(included)
Php_mssql.dll MSSQL function Library Required:Ntwdblib.dll(included)
Php_mysql.dll MySQL function Library PHP >= 5.0.0 Required libmysql.dll(shipped)
Php_mysqli.dll mysqli function Library PHP >= 5.0.0 required libmysql.dll( 5.0.2in PHP <= libmysqli.dll) (Shipped with)
Php_oci8.dll Oracle 8 Function Library Required: Oracle 8.1+ client Library
Php_openssl.dll OpenSSL function Library Required:Libeay32.dll(included)
Php_oracle.dll Oracle function Library Required: Oracle 7 Client Library
Php_overload.dll Object overloaded Function Library built-in from PHP 4.3.0
Php_pdf.dll PDF function Library No
Php_pgsql.dll PostgreSQL function Library No
Php_printer.dll Printer Function Library No
Php_shmop.dll Shared Memory function Library No
Php_snmp.dll SNMP function Library For Windows nt! only
Php_soap.dll SOAP function Library PHP >= 5.0.0
Php_sockets.dll Socket function Library No
Php_sybase_ct.dll Sybase function Library Required: Sybase Client Library
Php_tidy.dll Tidy function Library PHP >= 5.0.0
Php_tokenizer.dll Tokenizer function Library built-in from PHP 4.3.0
Php_w32api.dll W32api function Library No
Php_xmlrpc.dll XML-RPC Function library PHP >= 4.2.1 Required iconv.dll(shipped)
Php_xslt.dll XSLT function Library PHP <= 4.2.0 need sablot.dll,expat.dll(shipped). PHP >= 4.2.1 Need Sablot.dll,expat.dll,iconv.dll(shipped).
Php_yaz.dll YAZ function Library Required:Yaz.dll(included)
Php_zip.dll Zip File Function Library Read-only access
Php_zlib.dll ZLib Compression Function Library built-in from PHP 4.3.0

Next, look at the important PHP extension configuration section, find the Dynamic Extensions, and below is the configuration section of Windows Extensions. You can see such as:
; Extension=php_bz2.dll
; Extension=php_cpdf.dll
; Extension=php_yaz.dll
; Extension=php_zip.dll
Here's a list of all the support extensions to PHP, preceded by a semicolon annotation, indicating that the current PHP configuration does not support the extension, we can remove the semicolon to allow PHP to support these extensions, but because the DLLs folder does not contain all the extensions of the DLL file, so we can only selective installation, You need to know how to get a DLL file that is not provided under another DLLs folder, and you can view the relevant sections of the PHP Chinese manual (which will refer to its download method later). This is not to be explained here.
Here are some of the more practical PHP extensions that are included with the DLLs folder:
Extension=php_curl.dll:curl Extended Support.
EXTENSION=PHP_GD2.DLL:GD Image Library extension support. It is useful to include a series of functions, such as generating images.
extension=php_ming.dll:ming Library extension Support, which provides related functions to generate flash files and supports most of the features of Flash 4.
Extension=php_pdf.dll:pdf Library extension Support, which provides support for functions that manipulate PDF files.
Extension=php_xslt.dll: Provides XSLT extension support, which provides a translation of XML.
The following lists the configuration of all supported DLL extensions by default, eliminating the support for semicolons, all we have to do is decide whether to remove the semicolon. If you don't know what extensions you need for a while, then avoid the hassle by maximizing the installation, and the corresponding lines should be set as follows:
; Windows Extensions
; Note that MySQL and ODBC support are now built in, so no DLL are needed for it.
; Extension=php_ifx.dll
; Extension=php_mcrypt.dll
; Extension=php_oci8.dll
; Extension=php_oracle.dll
; Extension=php_pgsql.dll
; Extension=php_sybase_ct.dll
Find [Session] section, we only modify a parameter Session.save_path, default is/tmp, we will point it to the c:/temp/directory (with a slash or backslash to indicate the path in PHP is consistent), remember to set up a C-packing directory named tem P's folder:
Session.save_path = "c:/temp/"
This is the path where the session is set to be stored. Ok,php.ini the configuration of the file, Ctrl+s close Notepad after saving the file.
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