Kafka Manager Kafka-manager Deployment installation

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Reference Site:https://github.com/yahoo/kafka-manager

First, the function

    1. Managing multiple Kafka clusters
    2. Convenient check Kafka cluster status (topics,brokers, backup distribution, partition distribution)
    3. Select the copy you want to run
    4. Based on the current partition status
    5. You can choose Topic Configuration and Create topic (different configurations for and 0.8.2)
    6. Delete topic (supports only 0.8.2 and above and to set delete.topic.enable=true in broker configuration)
    7. Topic list will indicate which Topic are deleted (available at 0.8.2 or later)
    8. Add a partition for an existing topic
    9. Configuring for an existing topic update
    10. Bulk re-partitioning on multiple topic
    11. Bulk re-partitioning on multiple topic (optional partition broker location)

Second, environmental requirements

    • Kafka or 0.8.2.*
    • SBT 0.13.x
    • Java 8+

III. Installation and Deployment

1. Install SBT

> Curl https://bintray.com/sbt/rpm/rpm > Bintray-sbt-rpm.repo

> MV bintray-sbt-rpm.repo/etc/yum.repos.d/

> Yum Install SBT

2. Download the compilation

> Git clone https://github.com/yahoo/kafka-manager.git

> CD Kafka-manager

> SBT Clean Dist

Note: Executing SBT compilation packaging can take a long time if you hang in the following situations


Modify the LogLevel parameter in PROJECT/PLUGINS.SBT to loglevel: = Level.debug (default = Warn)

3. Installation Configuration

After the compilation is successful, a ZIP package is generated under Target/universal.

Unzip and modify the configuration file

> Unzip Kafka-manager-

> Vim kafka-manager-

Set the value of kafka-manager.zkhosts in application.conf to your ZK address

such as: kafka-manager.zkhosts= "h2:2181"

Kafka-manager.zkhosts=${? Zk_hosts}

Pinned-dispatcher.type= "Pinneddispatcher"

Pinned-dispatcher.executor= "Thread-pool-executor"

4. Start, specify the profile location and startup port number, default to 9000

> Nohup bin/kafka-manager-dconfig.file=conf/application.conf-dhttp.port 9001 &

The first time you enter the Web UI, configure the Kafka cluster to be configured according to your own information.

Kafka Manager Kafka-manager Deployment installation

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