Kafka Performance Test Analysis

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First of all, special thanks to Changchong students to use their spare time for the pressure test, in order to provide professional testing data

First, test environment preparation
Cpu Memory HDD
Intel (R) Xeon (r) CPU E5520 @ 2.27GHz 32G 6T

Kafka cluster, number of servers: 3 units
Using CMS garbage collection

JVM Run parameters

- xmx1g -xms1g -server-xx: +USEPARNEWGC -xx: + USECONCMARKSWEEPGC - xx: +cmsclassunloadingenabled -xx: +cmsscavengebeforeremark -xx : +DISABLEEXPLICITGC -djava. awt.headless=true - XLOGGC:/usr/local/kafka_2. Ten-0. 8.2. 2/bin/. /logs/kafkaserver-gc.log-verbose:GC- xx: +printgcdetails -xx: +printgcdatestamps -xx: + Printgctimestamps - DCOM. Sun.management.jmxremote-DCOM. sun.management.jmxremote.authenticate=False  - Dcom. sun.management.jmxremote.ssl=false - Dkafka. logs.dir=/usr/local/kafka_2.10- /logs - dlog4j. configuration=file:/usr/local/kafka_2. Ten-0. 8.2. 2/bin/. /config/log4j.properties

Kafka Server-side configuration

Broker. ID=165port=9092Host. Name=hadoop165. Kuaiyong. inNum. Network. Threads=3Num. IO. Threads=8Socket. Send. Buffer. Bytes=102400Socket. Receive. Buffer. Bytes=102400Socket. Request. Max. Bytes=104857600Log. dirs=/download/kafka-logsnum. Partitions=1Num. Recovery. Threads. Per. Data. Dir=1Log. Retention. Hours=168Log. Segment. Bytes=1073741824Log. Retention. Check. Interval. Ms=300000Log. Cleaner. Enable=falsezookeeper. Connect=hadoop165. XXX. in:2181, hadoop166. XXX. in:2181, hadoop167. XXX. in:2181Zookeeper. Connection. Timeout. Ms=6000

The test command line is as follows


Bin/kafka-producer-Perf-Test.SH --Broker-list=hadoop02:9092 --Messages 100000 --Topic S1 --Threads Ten --message-size  + --Batch-size  $ --Compression-codec 1


bin/kafka  - Span class= "hljs-comment" >consumer - perf  - test   sh  - - zookeeper  hadoop03:2181  - - messages  500000  - - Span class= "hljs-comment" >topic  s1  - Span class= "hljs-literal" >- threads  1  
Second, the normal request Test 1, Producer:

Data Volume: 2.3 Million records
Send 1000 data per package
Data format: in compressed format

Test Results
Max processing Capacity: 39.2501mb/s
tps:41156.6817 Strips

2, Consumer

Time: 18 seconds
Overall file size: 2193.45MB
Max processing Capacity: 163.6659mb/s
tps:171616.1767 Strips

Three, pressure request Test 1, Producer

Data Volume: 10 million data
Send 1000 data per package
Data format: in compressed format

Test Results
Time: 242 seconds
Overall file size: 9536.74MB
Max processing Capacity: 39.2531mb/s
tps:41159.8856 Strips

2, Consumer

Time: 70 seconds
Overall file size: 9536.74MB
Max processing Capacity: 145.4193mb/s
tps:152483.1887 Strips

Conclusion: Under 10 million pressure test, the performance is reduced, and the bottleneck period is estimated at about 5 million

Kafka Performance Test Analysis

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