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Since its birth, email has been around for 43 years. Nowadays, it has become an inseparable part of people's daily work and life. It is precisely because of its high popularity and importance that cyber criminals never stop using e-mails to carry out various fraud activities. As an IT security supplier that protects the security of all users, Kaspersky Lab has always insisted on providing reliable security protection to users with leading standards. To this end, Kaspersky Lab regularly publishes analysis reports on the latest trends of spam to prevent the loss of user confidential information or financial losses caused by spam.

According to Kaspersky Lab statistics, in second quarter of 2014, spam accounted for 68.6% of all mail traffic, up 2.2% from the previous quarter. In addition, analysis by Kaspersky Lab shows that spam in the second quarter also shows three major trends. In order to defraud money, the fraudster has no need to do anything.

Trend 1: the subject of the email is "advancing with the times"

Similar to the "Nigerian" spam exposed by Kaspersky Lab in December March this year, the Winter Olympics in Sochi became the topic most commonly used by fraudsters in December first quarter of 2014. In the second quarter, they turned their attention to Brazil's World Cup. In "Nigeria" spam, fraudsters defrauded of money by exploiting the current situation in Ukraine and subsequent tragedies. During the preparation and holding of the Brazil World Cup, Kaspersky Lab found a large number of football-related malicious or fake phishing emails. It can be seen that, in order to make more users be deceived, the fraudster began to "keep up with the times" and continued to use recent major events as the subject of spam. However, no matter how the subject of spam changes, there is only one purpose, that is, to arouse the curiosity of the recipient, and thus fall into the trap pre-set by the fraudster-click a phishing link or open malware.

Trend 2: show everything to "money"

According to the latest detection by Kaspersky Lab, the most widely spread malicious attachments in the second quarter have changed. These malicious attachments show that cyber criminals are increasingly committing various frauds for the purpose of stealing users' money. For example, four of the top ten most commonly used spam malware come from the bublik family. They will download the notorious Zeus/Zbot to the user's computer. As one of the most notorious online banking Trojans in history, Zeus/Zbot has produced many variants and counterfeits. Of course, the biggest feature of Zeus is its man-in-the-browser behavior ). Based on this, cyber fishermen can collect their personal information without disturbing victims and use it for concealed online transactions.

Trend 3: Impersonate a big brand

In its Spam Report in first quarter of 2014, Kaspersky Lab disclosed the case where fraudsters impersonate mobile apps to send fake messages. These emails are very similar to the popular mobile phone chat software WhatsApp, viber, and Google hangouts for the purpose of false or false. In the second quarter, Starbucks became the primary target for fraudsters. These emails claim that a friend of the recipient ordered food at Starbucks anonymously. To browse the menu and find the dining location and accurate time, the recipient must open the attachment-an executable file.

Darya gudkova, director of content analysis and research at Kaspersky Lab, said: "fraudsters have no choice but to intercept valuable user data, that is, the logon credential and payment information of the online banking system. Among the most widely spread spam attachments, more than half of them currently include Trojans that steal users' money. The proportion of these emails seems insignificant. In fact, as many as millions of malicious emails have been sent. In addition, only effective solutions at the network security level can compete with them ."

It is reported that Kaspersky security software launched by Kaspersky Lab for individual users is such an outstanding network security level solution. Kaspersky security software uses a number of award-winning security technologies to defend against various types of malware and network-based threats. In addition, using this solution will not significantly affect the performance of users' computers, and users will enjoy optimal comfort and impeccable security protection.

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