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Mailbox and forum Attachment download has been a problem, many times not only slow download speed, but also unstable. The new version of Thunderbolt 7 has fully upgraded the mailbox and the forum attachment download capacity, so that our accessories can be downloaded at high speed.

First, download and install the latest version of the software

First download from and install the latest version of the Thunderbolt 7, version must not be less than 7.1.6.x.

Second, login Thunderbolt

Open Thunderbolt 7, click on the top Reyou area of the "Login" button, in the Open window to enter member account number and password login (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Login Reyou

Small Tips

★ The following two ways can help you to upgrade to members: 1. If there is a Thunder account: Open the browser (ie or IE kernel browser), and then open cachetime=1247813387078. After that, enter Reyou's account number and password, and follow the wizard to upgrade to a member. Member Open payment channel a lot, and very safe, buy more Member services, there can be more concessions; 2. If there is no Reyou account number, you can open to register Reyou, Then you can use the method to upgrade to a member;

★ Upgrade to the Thunderbolt members can also enjoy more benefits, such as the realization of shielding off advertising, for members to accelerate the practical functions.

Third, the realization of mailbox forum attachment high-speed download

Thunderbolt 7 has now been able to perfectly support the top ten mailboxes and "Baidu Library", the file on the attachment larger, we can click it, the Thunderbolt will take over, or right click on it, select the "Use Thunder Download" command (Figure 2). In a moment the Thunderbolt will parse the correct file and download it correctly (Figure 3). At the same time, because we are logged in to the member, so often can use high-speed channel and offline download to download the attachment faster, full acceleration (Figure 4)!

Figure 2 Using Thunderbolt to download email forum attachment

Figure 3 Thunderbolt 7 has taken over the download

Figure 4 Speeding up downloads using high-speed channels and offline downloads

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