Keep in mind that the iPhone features the best hardware advantages

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Keep in mind that the iPhone features the best hardware advantages

We have just introduced in detail the features of the iPhone and the features of each device. Now we are trying to explore the nature of the iPhone from these two aspects. Through these platforms that contain various elements, the author believes that we cannot simply look at the potential of the smartphone from the perspective of "addition, we also need to use the "multiplication" vision.

To better understand this, you can download several free trial apps from the appstore.ProgramTry it on your phone. Here are some examples of applications.

If you have been familiar with iPad or iPhone 4, you must have tried a fruit-cutting game. The entire game is operated by fingers, and the rules of the game are very simple, as long as the flying watermelon, apple, bananas and other fruits are chopped, while avoiding the need to cut a bomb. There is also a music program called mongodj or mongodj shake, which combines the sound received by the microphone with the action of the accelerometer, and then synthesize new music. Various effects are added between the microphone and the headset. The microphone can not only be used as a speaker, but also be used as a sound sample from the market, making the iPhone a music-making instrument. Among others, smule provides a variety of music software running on iPad and iPhone, the famous young pianist Lang also used the iPad to use the smule software to play "wild bees flying" at the concert. (interested friends can watch related videos online ).

All of these are iPhone applications that perfectly interpret the multiplication effect in the appstore. They all abandon the versatility, and excellent ideas are implemented in a simple way, and then become the best-selling software products, all of which happen only in app store.

The same "multiplication" effect is reflected in the three elements of the iPhone that we have previously introduced. The iPhone not only has the iPod function, but also has the function of connecting to the Internet through a mobile phone. It also integrates some of the features that have been achieved in other products, to obtain the multiplication effect. Those elements have completely evolved into new things. Of course, the multiplication effect is derived from the powerful API provided by the ios sdk.

So what are the situations of domestic or so-called stockade hosts on the market? They simply append the TV, MP3, or camera functions to their mobile phones.



This article is based on the book "software chuangfu password: iPhone application development strategy-iPhone Special Sensor Application (two-color.

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