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Microsoft's intent on WinPE was to try to get users to use the WinPE system for maintenance only and set restrictions. But in the vast number of computer enthusiasts to the efforts of these restrictions continue to be broken. If you insist that the WinPE system is only for maintenance, then be steady and don't look down again, it's best to go back to Microsoft's most primitive WinPE!

Because the WinPE system has good security, used to create a maintenance-free application system, in the whole network of PE experts have been able to have a lot of conditions.

The so-called "application System" is dedicated to ordinary computer applications, office or entertainment, can be part of, or even completely, the so-called "maintenance" around the hard disk, so as to speed up the startup speed. For the general popularity of household computer users, such a diskless system without daily maintenance, no virus infection, shutdown and do not have to wait. In the fashionable language: "Stability, harmony." Especially for a single user's laptop, such a system is functionally equivalent to a netbook, but no need to kill the soft, and no daily maintenance.

Of course, the so-called "maintenance-free" is not really do not need maintenance, is not around the hard disk software maintenance. If you use the hard drive WinPE, the hard disk must also have hardware maintenance. WinPE itself also needs to be maintained, there are versions of the update, there are different use of feature settings, but also the most commonly used application software arrangement adjustment. Many of the software in the WinPE system cannot be installed automatically, and it is the price of a virus Trojan that cannot be installed automatically. But so there is no privacy leakage of concern, to eliminate the "plant all poison" interference, why not? Maintenance personnel from "Run a Kill soft, do a backup, a hard disk, install a system" so around the low level of hard disk maintenance, to the WinPE system performance and function improvement research, is he le?

As early as in the Appleⅱ era, as well as early pc-xt era, the computer is no hard disk, or even no floppy drive. The hard drive and floppy drive are all computer peripherals, not an integral part of the computer. Now playing computer people still have a few remember: the original computer without a hard disk to boot, no floppy drive can also be directly into ROM BASIC, to use tape to store software programs and application Data! The hard drive is getting bigger and bigger, once the loss of failure becomes larger. How big is a big hard drive? Is it really the right way to develop? Does the advent of the iphone indicate that computer users have shifted from relying on hard drives to relying on the internet?

No hard disk computer WinPE has been successful, the computer with a hard drive can of course also use the same means. The hard disk can be used as a data warehouse, and can also be used to mount WinPE for high-speed boot, if not on the hard disk virtual memory, 20 years ago, the DOS era of small-capacity hard disk has been a new place. The existing experience, using PE as a maintenance-free system application, the memory should be at least 512M. Probably WinPE's memory management needs to be perfected, too little memory is very unstable.

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