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I believe a lot of users who use Macs know that you can turn text, images, and shapes into links in the keynote program that comes with your Mac, and that when you click the links during the demo, they do any of several things. If you do not want Keynote to automatically detect the link, you can turn off smart links in edit Replace. The following small series to bring you to the Mac computer Keynote add link method.

Keynote add link in Mac computer

Add a link to a text or object

1. Control-click the selected text or object to which you want to add a link, and then choose Add Link.

2, choose an option from the Link to pop-up menu.

Slides: links to another slide in a presentation. Click Go to slide to jump to the slide you selected.

Pages: links to Web pages in the default Web browser. Click Open to open the Web page that you entered in the default browser.

Message: Open an e-mail message with the address and subject you entered. Click Open to see a preview of the message information.

Exit Slide Show: Exits the presentation when you click Text or an object.

3, provide the required information (for example, URL or e-mail address).

4. Click outside the dialog box to close it, or click Open to open the link.

Ii. Editing or removing links

You can perform any of the following actions:

Click the blue arrow in the lower-right corner of the object and make the changes accordingly.

Click the linked text and make the changes accordingly.

Third, turn off automatic formatting of links

1, you can turn off automatic formatting if you do not want to automatically format the link as a dotted text.

2, choose Edit to replace show replace. The Edit menu is located at the top of the computer screen.

3, in the Replace window, select the Smart links check box.

4. Click a button to replace any formatting links that appear in the presentation, or to replace only the formatting links that appear in the selected text.

When you open smart links for your presentation, a tick appears next to smart links on the Replace menu. You can uncheck this box to turn it off, but the existing link will not change unless you select the text that contains the link, and then follow the steps above.

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