Keystone V3 API Examples

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There is few things more useful than a set of examples when starting to work with a new API. Here is some I ' ve started collecting up for my work:

The first of three articles:more. Policy

Get a token. This user have the role ' admin ' in a project, which means they can execute admin operations.
Save the following in a file named Token-request.json

{    "Auth": {        "Identity": {            "Methods": [                "Password"            ],            "Password": {                "User": {                    "Domain": {                        "name":"Default"                    },                    "name":"Admin",                    "Password":"Freeipa4all"                }            }        },        "Scope": {            "Project": {                "Domain": {                    "name":"Default"                },                "name":"Demo"            }        }    }}

and execute it with

" Content-type:application/json " http:///Localhost:35357/v3/auth/tokens | awk '/x-subject-token/{print $} '

To list domains

Curl-si-h"x-auth-token: $TOKEN""Content-type:application/json " http://localhost:35357/v3/domains

Create a domain

Curl  -H"x-auth-token: $TOKEN""Content-type:application/json " ' {"domain": {"description": "--optional--", "Enabled": True, "name": "Dom1"}} '  http://localhost:35357/v3/domains

To list users

Curl-si-h"x-auth-token: $TOKEN""content-type:application/json" http://localhost:35357/v3/users

To create a users, create file named Create_user.json file like this:

{     "User": {            "default_project_id":"d0f445c3379b48f38a2ab0f17314bbf9",             "Description":"Description",             "domain_id":"default",            "Email":"[email protected]",             "enabled":true,             "name":"Ayoung",             "Password":"Changeme" } }

Execute it like this

Curl-si-h"x-auth-token: $TOKEN""content-type:application/json" http://localhost:35357/v3/users-d @create_user. JSON

The response should look like this, with different auto-generated IDs.

{"User": {"Description":"Description","links": {" Self":"Http://"},"enabled":true,"Email":"[email protected]","default_project_id":"d0f445c3379b48f38a2ab0f17314bbf9","ID":"8221b007376a40ce8459c05f90077f16","domain_id":"default","name":"Ayoung"}}

Note: The above case, the new user_id is 8221B007376A40CE8459C05F90077F16. Use this to get the user directly:

$ curl-h"X-auth-token: $TOKEN"-H"Content-type:application/json"http//Localhost:35357/v3/users/8221b007376a40ce8459c05f90077f16{"User": {"name":"Ayoung","links": {" Self":"Http://"},"enabled":true,"Email":"[email protected]","default_project_id":"d0f445c3379b48f38a2ab0f17314bbf9","ID":"8221b007376a40ce8459c05f90077f16","domain_id":"default","Description":"Description"}}

To the additional operations, see the V3 Identity API.


Keystone V3 API Examples

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