Kienct and Arduino Study Notes (1) Basic Knowledge: Arduino 'nginx' Processing

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First, give a preliminary understanding of the main things to be used.

There are two categories: hardware and software. Hardware, that is, Kinect. Software, I .e., Arduino and processing. Arduibo is believed to have been used by many people. Many electronic products such as robots and quad-axis aerial vehicles are related to the romantic compiler of Arduino. Why is it romantic? It has to start with its developers, arduino developers can be said to be artists. Therefore, Arduino always gives people a romantic and noble feeling, so they have to vomit Keil. The interface is really not very nice, but it is still my favorite. After all, Keil is the first compiler to be used.


Arduino is an open-source hardware platform consisting of a microcontroller, programming language, and IDE.

Next, let's talk about the romantic origins of Arduino. In 2005, iveria Interactive Design Institute in Italy, this platform was born with the intention of "allowing artists and designers to easily master electronics and programming.

The core of Arduino is an 8-bit atmel avr Microcontroller. It has two pin modes: input and output, which are input by default. It has 14 digital pins, 6 pulse modulation pins, and a 6-channel ADC 10bit. That is: 0 V = 0 5 V = 1023 2.5 V = 512, Atmega has a built-in pull-up resistance of 20 thousand euros.

Small knowledge point supplement: How many single-chip microcomputer weight? For example, 8-bit Arduino, 32-bit stm32, and 32-bit k60.

Answer: here, the number of digits refers to the binary number, and the number of BITs refers to the processor. In particular, the number of bits of data that can be stored in a register is the number of bits of data that can be processed at a time. The larger the number of digits, the faster the processing speed, and the more data is saved.

2. Processing

The processing IDE is similar to the Arduino IDE, and the latter follows the foundation of the former. 

ProcessingCo-founder: Kathy reas and Ben Fry are members of the Aesthetics & computation group under the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab (M. I .t. media laboratory. Led by the famous computer artist John Maeda, the aesthetics and computing team was founded in 1996. Since then, it has made great noise in a short period of time. With its highly experimental and conceptual works, in the field of art and design, we explore the computation characteristics of computers and their endless creativity. A very small number of people can perfectly combine and balance the talents of artists, designers, and computer engineers. What's more important is that Kathy and Ben have open source code.

The following describes the buttons in the processing Compiler:

Export: You can convert the processing code into Java code and compile it into a Java applet that can be embedded in the browser. The processing applet we see on the Internet is implemented through this method.

Standard: used to switch the standard mode and Android mode for Android application development.

3. Kinect

With regard to the history of Kinect, it was launched in November 4, 2010 and sold 0.8 million sets in 60 days, recording the Guinness Book of Records as "the fastest-selling consumer electronic products in history. In June 1, 2009, Microsoft launched the project natal project and renamed it Kinect in June 13, 2010, but did not provide any drivers. In November 2010, $300 was awarded to Hector Martin, who provided the driver. In October 2010, primesense released the driver and openni's Kinect architecture, introducing the Asus Kinect. In 2011, Microsoft released the non-commercial Kinect SDK. In February 2012, another commercial version was released.

Following the release of the openni framework for primesense, Asus and primesense launched dedicated PC compatible devices. In 2012, Asus launched the xtion pro with a deep camera, followed by the release of the xtion pro live, which is the same as that for Kinect, including RGB cameras and infrared cameras. Xtion is specially designed for PCs, while Kinect is specially designed for xbox360.

Hardware structure of Kinect: a depth sensor consisting of an RGB camera, an infrared laser er and an infrared CMOS sensor, a microphone array with sound source location and ambient noise suppression functions, and an LED light source, A three-axis accelerometer and a steering gear. 3D scanning can be implemented. The general scope of work is: 3.5 m to M. If scanning is too close, the black spots are displayed. If scanning is too far away, the scanning accuracy is reduced, and it looks like a plane object.

The feature of Kinect: 1.640x480 RGB Images.


3.11bit depth graph.

4. gesture tracking and skeleton tracking.

The driver framework of Kinect: libfreenect driver of openkinect; openni and Nite of primesense, which access the data stream and bone hand tracking functions of Kinect respectively.

Openi: A primesense framework that allows you to obtain depth and RGB Images from the Kinect. It is open-source and can be used for commercial purposes.

Nite: a middleware that enables people to perform hand or bone tracking and Gesture Recognition. Nite is not open source, but can be used for commercial purposes.

What is a driver?

Drivers: Convert predefined API application programming excuses into hardware-built APIs, so that different devices have the same appearance and behavior, it can be seen as a translation between hardware and its applications or operating systems.

What is 3D scanning technology?

Two working units of the depth sensor. The infrared projector is connected to the infrared camera through the primesense chip to capture 3D scenes in front. The heavy infrared camera of Kinect is VGA (640x480) Resolution, the depth is 11 bit, and the sensitivity level is 2048.

"The world's first exclusive professional PC action sensing software development solution ". -- Xtion pro live

Kienct and Arduino Study Notes (1) Basic Knowledge: Arduino 'nginx' Processing

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