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Recently took over a school of Baidu bidding customers, found that some keywords to bring the flow and conversion rates are super good, and some keywords are very few, today I will tell you about the Site keyword mining, including professional terminology mining, long tail keyword mining, the scope of mining, word-of-mouth keyword mining, Brand keywords digging 5 big points.

1. Professional noun mining

This is particularly suitable in the corporate web site, such as a product to do have a professional terminology is familiar with this industry well-known. For example, our school computer Professional has: Graphic design training, interior design training.

2, long tail keyword mining

When your core keyword that is the target keyword positioning good, how to carry out the relevant long tail keyword mining? Often long tail keyword brings the flow is the target keyword n times. Long Tail keyword mining needs to use webmaster tools to analyze, such as webmaster statistics, Google Analytics. A careful analysis of the user search for the target keyword over the flow. This can be seen: the recent user on what aspect of the content more interested!

3, the scope of mining

The most popular keyword competition is very big. Enterprises to save costs and facilitate transactions, the use of the scope of the Site keyword positioning. In fact, this conversion rate will be higher than other, take our school, interior design School This key word conversion rate is far below, Shandong Interior Design School, Qingdao Interior Design School. Because some students because of the road and other reasons caused.

4, word-of-mouth keyword mining

This is very important, because Word-of-mouth publicity is the most effective, and some people heard that your company or business in So-and-so on the very good fit, may go directly to the search business or the company's name, of course, plus products, such as XXX English training schools.

5, Brand keyword mining

Enterprises to create their own product brand impact, at all costs to do some TV ads, newspaper ads and so on. Many times in front of the user display, improve the user's image of the product. For example, Eli, who hears about Eli, reacts immediately to products like milk.

In fact, the key word mining needs long-term accumulation, and some key words can not be thought of, you can often analyze the competitor's website, they did some keyword, you can also see the traffic statistics of their own site to find out what keyword is worth expanding or added. It's written here today because of the time relationship. Qingdao SEO Station welcome you to read.

Due to the limited ability of personal expression, but I also try to make everyone webmaster friends can read I said every word, as well as the center of the article. The last knife also want to know more, more senior SEO practitioners, New SEO optimization Group: 68204508. Author: The knife article is provided by the whole network ( NET, A5 starts.

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