Koflive beta daily-Scrum 2

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Today's work



Tomorrow's plan

Tian Fei

Work Item 38897: improved keyboard input module

Start to implement support for input modules.

Assist in shooting role 1 photos

Not much consideration for sound effects

Work Item 38897: Improve the keyboard input module and improve the combo

Fu Hao

Job item 38524:Special effect 1: Effects of hitting and being attacked

A large number of special effect modulesCodeAdd


Work Item 38560: Continue to improve the special effect Loading Mechanism

Chen wenlin

Work Item 38941: AI Module

Start to draw an AI status chart

The AI status chart is complex and requires time to complete.

Work Item 38906: complete the conversion mechanism and begin to modify the basic features of action. xml.

Ren Guangxin

Work Item 38904: photo shooting Design

Completed the shooting of role 1's moves and big moves

The status chart is not complete yet.

Work Item 38904: Photo Design, Part 2 photo

Deliver the status chart to quickshield and start modifying action. xml.

Chen Zihe

Work item38895: Special Effects

Start psproduction


Work item38895: Special Effects

Shi jinhao

Work Item 38530: startup Interface

Work Item 38908: role 1 photo taken

The startup interface is enabled to complete the shooting of role 1 tricks and big moves.


Work Item 38530: Start the interface and strive for a good running version


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