Lab grab number Artifact

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 PackageStep1;ImportJava.util.Calendar;Importorg.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpClient;ImportOrg.apache.commons.httpclient.methods.GetMethod;/*** * @ClassName: Quhao * @Description: Lab Grab number Artifact *@authorZeze * @date November 10, 2015 PM 2:51:31 **/ Public classQuhao {Private Static inthour; Private Static intminute; Private Static intsecond; Private StaticCalendar C; Private StaticString Url = "Http://"; Private StaticString cookie = "ASP.NET_SESSIONID=12PEDXYGGBPF3X2V1KG0XV55";//pre-set cookie value    Private Static intSleeptime = 10;//set the refresh rate, per millisecond     Public Static voidMain (string[] args)throwsinterruptedexception {//wait for the ticket time, the refresh time is 60S         while(true) {settime ();//Get current Time//start robbing time 8:18 or 11:58            if(Hour = = 8 && Minute >= | | hour = && minute >= 58)                 Break; System.out.println (Hour+ ":" + Minute + ":" + Second + "Now is not the time period of the robbery. Please, later ... "); Thread.Sleep (30000);//30S Refresh Time        }        intCount = 1; //start stealing tickets .         while(true) {settime (); System.out.println ("Current number of numbers" + Count + "times" + Hour + ":" + Minute + ":" +second);            Func (); Thread.Sleep (Sleeptime); //Request time intervalcount++; if(Hour = = 8 && Minute >= | | hour = && minute >= 10) {System.out.println ("This is the end of the round.");  Break; }        }    }    Private Static voidfunc () {HttpClient HttpClient=NewHttpClient (); Try{GetMethod GetMethod=NewGetMethod (URL); Getmethod.getparams (). Setcontentcharset ("Utf-8"); //a cookie is required for each visit to the URL to be authorizedGetmethod.setrequestheader ("Cookie", cookies); Getmethod.setrequestheader ("Accept-language", "ZH-CN"); Getmethod.setrequestheader ("User-agent", "mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; trident/6.0) qqbrowser/9.2.5063.400 "); intStatusCode = Httpclient.executemethod (GetMethod);//return status Code 200 for success, 500 for server-side run errorSystem.out.println ("Return Status code:" +StatusCode); //print out the return data and verify the successString result =getmethod.getresponsebodyasstring (); if(StatusCode = = 500) System.out.println ("Server error occurred"); ElseSystem.out.println (Result); }        Catch(Exception e) {e.printstacktrace (); }    }    Private Static voidSetTime () {//Get current Timec =calendar.getinstance (); Hour=C.get (Calendar.hour_of_day); Minute=C.get (Calendar.minute); Second=C.get (Calendar.second); }}

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#-*-coding:utf-8-*-ImportUrllib2Import TimedefQuhao (): URL=""send_headers={"Accept":"*/*",            "Referer":"",            "Accept-language":"ZH-CN",            "accept-encoding":"gzip, deflate",            "user-agent":"mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; trident/6.0) qqbrowser/9.2.5063.400",            "Host":"",} Cookies="Asp.net_sessionid=ff3uelme0mj1uwnqcfegfrup;"send_headers['Cookies']=Cookies req= Urllib2. Request (url,headers=send_headers) R=Urllib2.urlopen (req) () HTML= Html.decode ('Utf-8','Replace')    returnHTMLPrintQuhao () timestruct=time.localtime () while( not((timestruct.tm_hour==8 andTimestruct.tm_min>17 andTIMESTRUCT.TM_MIN&LT;25)or((timestruct.tm_hour==11 andTIMESTRUCT.TM_MIN&GT;57)or(timestruct.tm_hour==12 andTimestruct.tm_min<5)))):    PrintU"It's not time to rob the ticket ."    PrintTime.strftime ('%y-%m-%d%h:%m:%s') Time.sleep (60) Timestruct=time.localtime () timestruct=time.localtime () Count=1if((timestruct.tm_hour==8 andTimestruct.tm_min>17 andTIMESTRUCT.TM_MIN&LT;25)or((timestruct.tm_hour==11 andTIMESTRUCT.TM_MIN&GT;58)or(timestruct.tm_hour==12 andTimestruct.tm_min<5))):     while(True):Try: HTML=Quhao ()PrintHTML Time.sleep (0.3)            PrintU"is trying the first"+str (count) +u"time to collect tickets"Count=count+1ifcount>1000: Input_raw ()exceptException, E:PrinteElse:    PrintU"not within the time period of the ticket pickup"    

Lab grab number Artifact

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