Lab record a preliminary contact with cortex-M3

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It should be said that the old has been in contact with cortex-M3. I did not expect to be involved in embedded systems before. As a result, I chose project management as a mentor. No nonsense. The matching environment is simple and pure silly. However, I am confused by my own carelessness. I remember that some time ago, I had to stay in the lab all night and I was drunk. The night in the north is extremely cold, not to mention that the school has not yet heated the night. Finally, I found that I was mistaken for the simulator. The first sample program (d1 test light flashing on the right) is actually run ). Although the program was burned into the CPU last time, it actually failed. As for the Jumper pins and jumpers on the CPU board, I found that the Jumpers can be obtained after a long struggle. It's really funny.

Lab record a preliminary contact with cortex-M3

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