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Graduation Project
Video Acquisition Based on Embedded Linux and S3C2410-Linux-Technology Center-embedded online |
Video Acquisition Based on Embedded Linux and S3C2410 platforms
Design and Implementation of Video Acquisition Module for Embedded Network Camera
Design and Implementation of an embedded Linux video collection system _ taeny is real _ Baidu Space
Whether the video data collected by the USB camera is analog signal or digital signal
Principles of video capture compression and transmission-dick. Gu-csdn blog
Share: BMP image displayed in VC: Baidu Space _ application platform
The number of digits in the color of the cloud. _ VB _ post
Structure bitmapinfoheader
Notes on how to share Linux Files under Windows and vmware-technical documents-network technology Linux age-open source, free, and sharing-China's largest Linux technology community
Sharing: How to Implement Baidu Space _ application platform for file sharing between virtual machine Linux and host windows
Detailed configuration of the Cross-compiling environment in Linux development environment-gathering light-csdn blog
6410 Development Board-Feiling Embedded Technology Co., Ltd.
How to Use putty remote (SSH) to manage Linux VPS-VPs detective
Use Putty to connect to Linux in the VM.
Personal space for installing ssh-eagle_ye on Ubuntu-itlab blog-powered by X-space
Ubuntu _ Baidu encyclopedia
Ubuntu Chinese Forum • view topics-create an ARM Linux development environment on Ubuntu
Tar command details-Technical Documentation-system management in the Linux age-open source, free, and sharing-China's largest Linux technology community
Ububtu arm cross-compiling environment setup-CJ's learning column-csdn blog
Build a cross-compiling environment in Ubuntu, Linux, and System
Summary of system programming issues on the Virtual Machine Linux Redhat 9 and the target development board-rousau Studio
Cuteqt blog» Blog Archive» installation and use of minicom Super Terminal in Linux
Virtual Machine ARM + LINUX Development Environment configuration-note-Zeng Yonggang-csdn student base camp-powered by ucenter home
(Arrangement) friendly arm micro2440 Ubuntu 8.04 embedded development environment construction using NFS as the root file system startup
How to Establish and Configure NFS (Network File System) in Linux -- zdnet server Channel
Nfs-Linux tutorial in Linux
Introduction to NFS
NFS settings in Linux _ linuxeden-Eden in Linux
[Excellent] Super-complete NFS document (for Linux)
Linux NFS configuration overview client + server-hacker
13.4 start and stop the NFS service-51cto. com
Mount: RPC: unable to receive; errno = connection Refused why not mount
NFS installation and configuration _ How to mount successfully
Mount error "RPC: failed to contact local rpcbind server (errno 5)." solution-ye luhua-51cto technical blog
The. BMP file format
Install the qt environment and qt creator development tools in Ubuntu-Open Source Chinese community
Arm9-based video acquisition and transmission system _ Baidu Library
Video Acquisition Process Based on Embedded Linux and S3C2410 platforms
How to Use the VI editor? VI: how to enter the editing status and how to exit? -Linux-merchant Forum, Enterprise Management | marketing | industry discussion-powered by discuz! NT
How to build a cross-compiling environment for Embedded Development is comprehensive
Qt _ Baidu encyclopedia
Nfs-based embedded Linux device driver development environment setup-Development Environment setup-starting from NFS target board Linux
V4l2 programming in Linux-Basic Process
Linux memory ing: MMAP-memory ing principle and process
Video signal standard _ Baidu Knows
Introduction to the structure (struct) and Union (Union) in C
V4l2 programming notes (1 )-
V4l2 programming notes (2)
Tar usage example-bobshute column-csdn blog
Difference between USB Universal Serial Bus notes USB host and USB slave
Video Capture-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Video overlay-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
V4l2 programming-struggle-csdn blog
V4l2 programming-programs that can run
Basic Process of video capture Programming Based on Linux video driver interface v4l2
V4l2 video collection technology
Video Acquisition System Based on Embedded Linux S3C2410-save Graph
Linux Network Programming BASICS (I) ------------- simple implementation of Client/Server-jason_wang-blog
One of the basics of Linux network programming -- TCP -- UNIX learning Summary 3-Find your own things-csdn blog
Linux Network Programming step by step + basics-Linux-freedom dream, freedom to fly
Socket programming in Linux-Network Programming
Htonl, htons, and ntohs problems _ To be or not to be _ Baidu Space
Host byte order & Network byte order-knowledge needs to be accumulated. -Csdn blog
File descriptor-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Streams and file descriptors-the gnu c library
Network byte conversion inet_aton & inet_ntoa & inet_addr and inet_ton & inet_ntop _ _ Baidu Space
What is the non-blocking method? _ Quiet Zhiyuan _ Baidu Space
Ask what is a socket connection in blocking mode and a socket connection in non-blocking mode _ Baidu Knows
Telnet-Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia
What is Telnet? -A word definition from the webopedia computer dictionary
Network Programming Guide
The design process of a Linux-based video transmission system (a paper presented in a competition during University)
Af_inet and pf_inet-Life is history-csdn blog
Connect function _ imlife_way space for Linux Network Programming _ Baidu Space
13.2.6 connect function-51cto. com
Port problem of socket programming in Linux (BIND (): address already in use)-xunzhao blog-csdn blog
TCP/IP programming for Remote File Transfer _ C language tutorial _ c ++ tutorial _ C Language Training _ c ++ tutorial training _ C/C ++ channel_china IT lab read and write transmission is enough.
5 notes for using open functions in Linux -- caoerwang
Qt display image-QT developers
Qt Chinese Forum-powered by phpwind QT
Qt Chinese Forum-powered by phpwind
Read/write function-Socket network programming-sucheng wolf child
Read and Write Functions-water drop-51cto technical blog
Memcpy () -- copy the memory content _ ruya _ Baidu Space
Lseek function usage _ crow Ming _ Baidu Space
Select function usage-Linux technical documentation-firnow
What is frame? What is the frame unit? -Solved-search and ask
Camera video acquisition compression and transmission-jiang_dlut column-csdn blog
Qt Chinese Forum-powered by phpwind
Qscrollarea handling and display problems-tangliu's column-csdn blog
Qt learning path (12): menu and toolbar-bean space-51cto technology blog
Use tr to internationalize QT-welcome to my blog! -Fanzhichao-Hexun blog
Use QT to display the video. QT video-mr. right column-csdn blog
How to Prevent flickering during frame display of QT videos
Qt Chinese Forum-powered by phpwind
Camera capture (video4linux2) in QT/Linux _ sea of baichuan _ Baidu Space
Qt programming-others-unclassified-Shenma is a float cloud
Qpixmap: loadfromdata Memory leakage-dapli's column-csdn blog
Problems with the use of loadfromdata memory increase-mobile platform/Qt Development
Qt 4.2 User's Guide: qbuffer class reference
How to correctly display images on a mobile phone-completely parse qimage and qpixmap
-Forum Nokia Wiki
"Connect" function in TCPIP clash with "Connect" function in QT arghhh-QT
Re: [QT-interest] Any suggestion in qpixmap: loadfromdata ()?
Use qpainter-Linux document outside the paintevent () function
Memo: qpainter: Begin: widget painting can only begin as a result of a paintevent _ Jian-angry city _ Baidu Space
Use of qt ui in a program-crazy about Linux kernel-csdn blog
Qt Pushbutton-techwiki
Qt basics 2: General routines of the example Program (simple) in QT-Pushbutton
Usleep C language _ Baidu Knows
Sleep function usage in Linux _ codelife _ Baidu Space
Cuteqt blog» Blog Archive» small example of dynamically displaying images (example)
Qt Chinese Forum-why only the last image is displayed
[Reference] widget, mainwindow, and dialog options--foot log-Netease blog
Cuteqt blog
Use of timer in QT-rousau Studio
Display continuous images in QT-a lot of inspiration
Video Stream _ Baidu encyclopedia
Conversion between RGB and YUV image and video formats-VC Knowledge Base
Synthesis and decomposition of AVI files using VC ++ _ _ xinlang net
Avi _ Baidu encyclopedia
Analysis of AVI format by using the hexadecimal code of the AVI video file header-blog library-blog Garden
Rgbquad structure (Windows)
How to compress Avi is the best? _ Baidu Knows
AVI format--csdn blog
One of the all-round strategy series created by Avi-Basics
Bitmapv5header structure (Windows) Note bi_rgb
Do you know there are several Avi formats?-fixed-search and ask
Video file compression processing-programming dictionary service community
What is the AVI format?
AVI file format-total file format-column in jszj-csdn blog
Compression principles in AVI format-Panasonic Q & A-scientific squirrel Forum-powered by discuz!
Scientific Squirrel Club» Digital Image Compression and Restoration
Design of LCD Image Display System Based on Embedded ARM
Image Acquisition and display in Embedded Linux-Technology Center-embedded online |
Framebuffer-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
What is framebuffer? (Reprinted)-Elvin blog-csdn blog
Example of framebuffer and qvfb programming in Linux: China Electronic Development Network (
Operation notes: Linux framebuffer programming-51cto. com
Framebuffer programming-bigapple88 column-csdn blog
Detailed explanation of Fork () functions in Linux (original !! Example)-Jason's column-csdn blog
Programming China-FPGA chip epxa10 embedded with ARM core and Its Application in image drive and Processing
Qt 3.0: enabling the Linux framebuffer
Rgb24 to rgb555/rgb565 Optimization-eddygong's column-csdn blog
Algorithms for converting rgb24 to rgb565 without loss of definition-VC/mfc/graphic processing/Algorithm
Linux File devices and I/O: read/write functions and block-programming in Linux
Address already in use solution-Linux technical documentation-firnow
What is the specific data format of Avi? -Special topic Development/technology/project/multimedia/Streaming Media Development
Detailed explanation of AVI compression encoding algorithm repost _ premiere _ post
H.264 coding algorithm implementation
What is Avi encoding? How to view Avi encoding? What are Avi codes? Thank you! What is the AVI code in the dx888? _ Baidu Knows
How to Write line breaks (0a)-C/C ++/C in txt
Avi decode (not for non-technical personnel)-controls the AVI playback speed
Fork _ Baidu encyclopedia
Write a number of 0-C/C ++/C languages to the end of the binary file
Thesis-thesis format-graduation thesis format-Excellent learning network
Pthread_join function and Linux thread-jxxfqyy column-csdn blog
Yuv420 format resolution (conversion)-acfunnyliu log-Netease blog
YUV _ Baidu encyclopedia
Video rendering with 8-bit YUV formats
Ask YUV file format-[graphic processing and visual communication]-flash bar Forum flash, flash 8, flash client-powered by discuz!
YUV file read_baidu Library
Fread-C ++ reference
YUV File Format
Yuv420 image format-shallon's note-csdn blog
Conversion video bit rate problem _ Baidu Knows
Q & A in the MKV format
Introduction to binary file read/write
How to Write MAKEFILE file _ Baidu Library
Linux CC command-tutorial
[Excellent] Write with me
Avi H. 264 _ fjbh _ Sina Blog
Compression principles in AVI format-Panasonic Q & A-scientific squirrel Forum-powered by discuz!
Audio Video Interleave 64
File input/output in C ++ (6): Some useful functions-yan shengkai-csdn blog
Fflush _ Baidu encyclopedia
Qt Chinese Forum-powered by phpwind
Embedded streaming media player on the page-insulation cup in the morning-blog Garden
Phonon (KDE)-Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia
Qt phonon Multimedia Framework-chao_yu-blog
Thesis: design of embedded Streaming Media Player Based on ARM and QT
Use multi-thread synchronization to solve producer-consumer problems-Tianya Q &
LINUX multi-thread mechanism thread synchronization-consumer and producer _ xuefeimeng _ Baidu Space
Producer and consumer problems in multi-thread synchronization-implementation on Windows-coding_rabbit-blog Park
[Pthread] thread synchronization mechanism in Linux (III)-Practice
Amazing pthread_join-yang_dk column-csdn blog
Multi-threaded programming example --- pthread_join function explanation 1-C ++ technical documentation-firnow
Qmessagebox-bean space-51cto technology blog in the QT standard dialog box
Qt status bar _ Kyle Hung's blog _ Baidu Space
[How to get the returned value of system execution]-C/C ++ Forum-zol Zhongguancun online
Linux time function-logs of czj456852-Netease blog
Pthread_cond_signal function _ space of a 7 _ Baidu Space
Pthread_cond_wait () Usage Analysis-hairetz's column-csdn blog
Pthread_cond_wait () is too difficult to understand _ Monkey Park _ Baidu Space
Use of mutex locks-log of the world of wind-Netease blog
Configuration and use of minicom _ smile tomorrow _ Baidu Space
How to write the subject source _ Baidu Knows
Comparison between analog and digital monitoring systems
Monitoring System _ Baidu encyclopedia
Status Quo and Future Development Trends of video surveillance systems-video surveillance-China Telecom World Network
Video Surveillance
Graduation thesis --- Introduction to video surveillance system-Bachelor's thesis-taoke Baba
Network video surveillance system based on embedded technology-security electronics-solutions-embedded online
[Switch] u_boot bootcmd and bootargs parameters-Cornflower-blog
Linux 2.6.28 five features _
Linux 2.6.28 release _ Linux station _ IT expert network
ARM Linux system transplantation step _ embedded development training _ embedded development _ ARM technology _ mobile phone Development _ embedded operating system _ microcontroller _ PCB design _ China IT lab
Port linuxarm-chinaunix operating system Channel
Linux-MMAP function introduction-passby-csdn blog
Principles, usage, and testing of framebuffer-embedded
Why should data be encoded? _ Baidu Knows
Video compression encoding, classification of video compression encoding, video compression encoding parameter indicators, etc. |
Monitoring video compression codec _ Baidu encyclopedia
Index block for AVI files-extended topic/irrigation Park
Introduction to QT signal and Slot Mechanism
Visual stay
Streaming media-network transmission technology Overview
In word? _ Baidu Knows
What is process synchronization and mutex _ Baidu Knows
Thread Synchronization in Linux! (Turn) _ arm sky ------ Xu Yangliu _ Baidu Space
Comparison between the layer-7 OSI model and the TCP/IP Model
How to adjust the line spacing of 1.25 times? _ Baidu Knows
Solve the problem that the leading characters are inconsistent when the word generates the directory (that is, the ellipsis in the directory is inconsistent)-brave...
Word2007 solution to incomplete Image Display _ word Alliance
Flash Memory-Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia
Mobile DDR-Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia
What is the difference between Chinese semicolons (;) and Chinese semicolons ..? _ Baidu Knows
How to use tabs in a word (with image) _ Hong zhou Yu Fu _ Baidu Space
[What is the difference between a video capture card and a network video server ?] -Video Monitoring Forum-zol Zhongguancun online
How to make the Home Page not show page number in word _ Baidu Library

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